Slimming Hips and thighs more change shape

Exercices-physiques-pour-maigrir-programme-alimentaire2You desperately try to make from cellulite on the thighs, and your breasts are up in smoke! If you lose more easily upper body than lower, there are physiological reasons, Diet Natural reveals where recalcitrant kilos hiding and why they will not disappear:
Contrary to what you believe, when you lose weight, you lose everywhere Although some fats are mobilized more quickly others.
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Morning tricks to lose weight and slimming

5-astuces-a-faire-pour-commencer-programme-de-remise-en-formeWe all know it is hard to lose weight. More than sacrifice, lose a few kilos requires above all a change of habits that will not only improve our silhouette, but also our quality of life.
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Tips to lose belly fat

six-abs-flat-stomach-effectivelyBelly fat surrounds vital organs and is in the muscles; a healthy diet and exercise are needed to eliminate it.

To lose belly fat, it is important to increase spending, strengthen her abdominal muscles and follow a suitable diet. It is also necessary to eliminate some bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol.

Diet Tips to lose belly fat
To lose belly fat, it is important to consider the amount of food you eat and the calories it contains. It is recommended to consume natural foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, as well as extra virgin olive oil. Lean proteins such as chicken or turkey (without the skin) and fish are also good allies thinness. Avoid at all costs simple carbohydrates such as white bread, or soft drinks, prepared foods, saturated fats and sweets. Continue reading “Tips to lose belly fat”

How slim the thighs and hips?

Comment-maigrir-des-cuisses-et-des-hanchesThe distribution of fat on the lower body (figure) is closely linked to hormonal secretions. To slim localized manner on the lower body, it is essential to make good dietary habits to promote a harmonious distribution of fat on the silhouette.

Take pride to the high fiber foods:

The fibers are essential for a balanced diet. By trapping some of the fats and sugars in the diet, they can lower the blood sugar spike that promotes fat in reserve. This allows parallel rebalance hormonal secretions while helping to harmonize the distribution of body fat reserves.
– Eat salty month: The salt tends to retain water in the tissues and swelling the lower body, while promoting the appearance of orange peel. Be careful if you tend to add more salt each food prefer fresh herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of your food. Remember to eat as often as possible potassium-rich foods, a mineral that has the power to remove the water. You will find in spinach, bananas, potatoes, fish, lentils … Continue reading “How slim the thighs and hips?”

Eating habits to lose weight: choose low GI foods

habitudes-alimentaires-pour-perdre-du-poidsTo keep your weight on the scale, it is necessary to control the quality of carbohydrates that you consume, and choose according to their glycemic index.

The fast carbohydrates that are quickly and strongly climb blood sugar have a high GI, those so-called slow have little influence on blood sugar and have a low GI. In between are moderate GI carbohydrates.

The accumulation of stomach fat level is often associated with a cell resistance to insulin action , then it remains in the blood. This accumulation causes excess fat under the skin and around the abdominal organs.

By choosing foods that have little influence on insulin, we can hope to lose belly fat, and most importantly, prevent serious health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Continue reading “Eating habits to lose weight: choose low GI foods”