Fletcher Diet

Regime-Fletcher-naturelHorace Fletcher (1849-1919) was a strong advocate of “healthy” foods in the Victorian era. He was nicknamed “The Great Masticator” by arguing that the food should be chewed thirty-two times (or as much as there are teeth in a human) – chewed or about 100 times a minute – before being swallowed . He claimed that “Nature will punish those who do not chew,” refined and invented multiple justifications for this statement.

Horace Fletcher to his own method with a large application, up to say that the liquid-they should also be chewed in order to be properly mixed with saliva. He claimed that his method of chewing increases strength in a person, improves dental health, while reducing the volume of food it consumes, and therefore save money.

His method is therefore to extract every particle of your food the maximum of nutrients, and eat only the amount that your body really needs. He deliberately to chew, and do not swallow until food becomes liquid in your mouth. Horace Fletcher said that you can eat any food, provided it is chewed until it “goes down alone.”

Horace Fletcher promised that “Fletcherisme” the name of his method when she became famous, transformed into a pitiful greedy intelligent Epicurean. He advised against eating if you did not “Good and Hunger”. For example, do not eat if you are angry, sad or worried (so not in a “good mood”). Continue reading “Fletcher Diet”