How to lose weight thighs with simple tips?

regime-naturel-comment-maigrir-des-cuissesTo slim thighs, you have to change your eating habits and do targeted exercises.

We start by doing sports:

Only to lose weight thighs, he’ll have to do cardio that will solicit the muscles of your legs and more targeted exercise.

What sports to slim thighs?

• The footing: it is the sport par excellence to lose thighs and burn calories. If you run 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week, your legs will be solicited and your thighs will refine.

• Cycling: Road or apartment, pedaling will make you lose several centimeters around the thighs

• Swimming: swimming with fins if you can. You will go to work the thigh muscles.

• The water aerobics or Aquabike: if you have enough laps but you love being in the water, they are highly effective sports massage effect through the water during exercises. You will lose weight thighs without realizing it.

• Jumping rope: we borrow it from her daughter or her niece and jumps; This is a full sports and more enduring than we think. You will feel the muscles in your legs to work from the first session. Continue reading “How to lose weight thighs with simple tips?”

How thin thighs?

mincir-au-regime-naturel2To lose thighs , you must work on two areas: overall weight loss and remuscler your thighs. But this will can not be enough, you’ll understand why after.
If you have weight to lose, you have to follow a diet and subsequently adopt a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. By losing weight, you lose fat everywhere and of course the thighs.
My clients often ask me specifically slim thighs, abdomen or buttocks but it was to know is that it is not possible to lose weight in a localized way: you lose weight throughout the body, and are often the first installed fats that start last.
We will therefore first on food, making diet and physical activity is done in parallel. The legs include many muscles that lack of stress may not be firm enough or curved, so regular and specific sport for you is highly recommended for remuscler and shaping her thighs.

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