Fast diet helps lose 10 kilos of weight in a week

regime-rapide-aide-a-perdre-10-kilos-de-poids-en-une-semaineAlways ask how you can lose 10 kilos of weight in a week?

To accommodate my wedding dress? Then comes many occasions when you need to lose weight, such as concerts or wedding ceremonies or even sadness. Generally women at parties look for better wear what they have in order to be the perfect clothes that make them look fantastic, but can be obtained little weight and sweeping two things is shopping for new dress again or follow the following tips that will help with the loss of 10 kg in a week.

And all you have to do in the second option is to adhere to the diet plan and so that when non-compliance plan leads to the emergence of adverse side effects, the simplest example where the poor diet followed during the week, you will see the signs of aging on your face appeared.

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The Scarsdale diet

femme-regime-Scarsdale-naturelThe Doctor Tarnower, the Scarsdale diet offers a weight loss program of fourteen days.

Breakfast is invariably composed of half a grapefruit, a slice of bread enriched with proteins or a slice of wholemeal bread, coffee or tea. Lunch and dinner consist of a lean meat or fish, combined with a vegetable consumed hot or cold as appropriate.

Four times a week, is added to meals half a grapefruit, or a seasonal fruit. Twice a week, there is only entitled to a fruit salad as a meal. Once a week, the main course consists of two eggs, but with curd. Finally, on Friday afternoon, we only entitled to a portion of cheese with one slice of bread.

Vegetables allowed are not limited in amount. Meat, fish and vegetables are cooked without fat. The salads are prepared without a drop of oil, but you can put vinegar, lemon, spices, garlic and onions, salt and mustard. As for drinks, alcohol, milk and fruit juices, they are prohibited. Remains water, mineral, tap, or sweetened drinks you can consume at will. Continue reading “The Scarsdale diet”