Foods to eliminate abdominal fat

regime-naturel-soupe-magique-perdre-poidsFat has a bad reputation. Obviously, if we consume poor quality fats, we can have high cholesterol or obese and also have cardiovascular problems.

However, you should know that fat is the substance that allows the body to store energy: that’s why it should not be completely eliminated from your diet. Thus, the body does not have to turn glucose into fat. This serves to protect the organs in injuries or to maintain our body temperature. They also say that it is a protection for our arteries when vitamin C intake is inadequate because the body then produces a poor quality collagen.
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How to lose weight belly: Sports slimming belly

regime-naturel-sports-pour-maigrir-du-ventre1Have a physical activity is to put all chances on his side to slim the tummy. Sport will allow you to burn calories, your gainer abdominaleet belt regain a flat stomach.

Several sports are effective. You can for example choose an endurance sport such as walking, swimming, cycling or jogging. If you do it regularly, 2-3 times a week, your body will draw its energy from your body’s fat reserves.

To have a flat stomach, nothing like the abs . In gym, at home or with targeted exercises your abdominal muscles should be asked to lose weight belly.

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