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Natural protein diet recipe:

The natural diet is based on a significant reduction in sugar and fat until the physiological normal weight, which takes about one to three months depending on the amount of weight to lose.


Must be eliminated:

  • Soft drinks, wine and spirits.
  • The milk, cream, butter and fermented cheeses.
  • The red meat and red vegetables.
  • The bread, pasta, potatoes and other starchy foods.


We have to eat :

  • All green vegetables in unlimited quantities, including salads seasoned with a light dressing.
  • The eggs.
  • Grilled white meat and all the fish but not shellfish.
  • Gruyere baked cheese, Emmental, Beaufort, edam, gouda, mimolette.


Recipe type of a normal day:

Breakfast :

Coffee or tea with sugar substitutes

More a good piece of cheese

Over a boiled egg or a slice of ham.



Meal :

Grilled white meat like chicken, rabbit, turkey, pork, veal, etc. or fish

More green beans vegetables, cabbage, leeks, chicory, courgettes, asparagus, etc.

Over cooked cheese

More fresh fruits.



Dinner :

Un œufs ou jambon ou poissonsalade-vert-nicoise

More big green salad

Over cooked cheese

More fresh fruits.
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