Lemon diet methods and follow the basic principles are important to ensure that the result

Lemon zest juice diet:

regime-naturel-citron-1– After buying a kilo of lemon, lemon is squeezed so that it is kept envelope lemon in a bowl and put lemon juice in a bottle for use in the lemon diet program.

– Into a pan on the fire by the appropriate amount of water to boiling and placed inside lemon zest for half an hour.

– After we add the fresh juice bottled lemon water and place the bottle in the refrigerator.

– The mixture caught in a bottle to drink a cup before each meal period of 15 minutes and not préférern’ajoute sugar or sweeten with a spoon of honey naturally instead.


Lemon diet helps significantly to the loss of excess body weight without deprivation or own work plan initiative serious damage to your body. But do not be limited to the damned cup juice before each meal alone, especially if it is necessary for the loss of many kilograms of body. Through simple adjustments to lifestyle through more traffic and greater awareness of food a person can get to your ideal weight and flexible body in a short period without risk to health or payment money, or even out of the house.