Slimming Hips and thighs more change shape

Exercices-physiques-pour-maigrir-programme-alimentaire2You desperately try to make from cellulite on the thighs, and your breasts are up in smoke! If you lose more easily upper body than lower, there are physiological reasons, Diet Natural reveals where recalcitrant kilos hiding and why they will not disappear:
Contrary to what you believe, when you lose weight, you lose everywhere Although some fats are mobilized more quickly others.

Up and down uneven deal with regimes
We lose more easily upper body than lower the adipose tissue are different depending on their location: the accumulated fat in the upper body, including the abdominal area, are the first to disappear when dieting. This is good news because the more kilos accumulate in the belly area, the more health risks increase. This type of curves, common in men, subject to the famous bun, more vulnerable to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and certain cancers.
Hips and thighs: the most difficult to melt
Fat deposits in the hips and thighs do not hinder the functioning of the body, unlike in women they have an important role. They are a reserve that allows to meet the energy demands of pregnancy and lactation. Spontaneously women will store preferably fat in the lower body (hips, thighs) and as these deposits have a specific role, they are very difficult to remove. This fat distribution is different in men and women, also explains that those, who naturally have more muscle mass, lose weight more easily. When they are dieting women can earn a size and come in jeans or skirt they did not manage to close but they also risk losing some chest. Indeed breasts consist essentially of fat, the mammary gland is very small.

Dur de changer de silhouette
This is obvious but it is always good to remember: slim refines the body but does not change its general appearance. If you are rather Mediterranean (small, large breasts, small waist, buxom hips), you are not going to turn you with 3 or 4 kilos less and Kate Moss. Similarly, if a thin woman looks larger, dieting has never physically gain height. Be aware lets not be exposed to cruel disappointments. Before trying to lose weight, you must already accept morphology.
both psychological and physical disorders
Especially since many women have a false perception of their body. Some are permanently autocritiquent imagining bigger they are, others suffer from body dysmorphic disorder: they are seen as distorting mirrors in the fairground with huge thighs or buttocks with the rest of the body. When the body is not perceived and assumed in its reality, losing weight is never satisfactory: either it will remain insufficient or it will always be unevenly distributed. This inevitably led to excesses and disorders both psychological and physical. And yes, the first thing one should do to lose weight is our head and her obsession with thinness.

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