Lemon Diet

To avoid drop your lemon diet, we advise you to throw your cupboard and refrigerator everything contains sugar. Get rid of sweets, cakes and if you take a little hungry, eat fruit or drink a glass of lemonade. This allows you to wait until the next meal.

In case you find that it becomes too difficult and you are missing more sugar than you could imagine, you can tune for fun, a square of dark chocolate in the evening. Sip it slowly, savor it, and you will notice that the need for sugar will be less experience the following days. You will lose the habit of sweet.

If you get the chance, go shopping daily, following your list of foods you have prepared beforehand. This will avoid to disperse you and take food that would not be suitable in the lemon diet. Do not pass the tempting rays, such as cakes or sweets.

Think prepare your food portions in advance. You will not be tempted to want to take food because you eat what you have on your plate, the portion you have prepared and that’s it.
Learn to manage your stress by doing something relaxing. It will allow you to focus on something else, the fact of wanting to eat cakes or sweets.
Prefer fresh and raw, unprocessed. You can consumed fruits and vegetables, preferably fresh, but you can also choose frozen or canned. We must be careful to read if no added sugar, no salt, no additives. This is important for the balance of the lemon diet.

Prefer meat chicken or turkey, red meat. Replace white flour with cornstarch lightest or whole grains. Instead of drinking soft and alcoholic drinks, think of herbal teas, teas, juices and remember lemonade.

Foods rich in protein such as fish or meat have the advantage of well satiate. Do not miss out, this may be a little hungry a few hours after the meal. Do not settle for a salad and salad for lunch, the meal would be too light. Link your salad with cold white meat, tuna and even smoked salmon. You can also eat an egg, a slice of lean ham are also high in protein.

Always start by eating vegetables with every meal, even if you have planned a little starch to accompany your main course. You will already be satisfied with the vegetables so you tend to eat less rich food. In addition, the vegetables with lots of fiber will slow the absorption of carbohydrates in the meal. So fabriquerez less insulin is a storage hormone, and you can wait for the next meal without any worry.

Get used to replace salt with herbs. Prefer extra virgin olive oil to cook up small tasty dishes, each time and add lemon in some form it is: in zest, juice, quartered.

Outlaw all prepared dishes that are usually very high in salt, preservative, additives that are too fat. Avoid fried foods and make it a habit not to overcook your food, they will do that best.

Consider practicing regular exercise half an hour a day at least. It will do you good morale and physics. If you are not fan of sport in general, think about walking, it will do you some air. Enjoy to sign up for a dance class for fun, cycling still practice swimming. These sports are accessible to all and does not require a high-level training.

When doing sports regularly, it automatically burns more calories, not just when you practice this sport but also at rest. Indeed, the brain produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter that relaxes. The cravings to relax is no longer felt.Le-regime-citron-sans-privation_naturel

The day detox cure 24 hours
– A glass of lemonade stand.
– A breakfast half an hour later: fruit salad (apple, pear, strawberry 5, 5 raspberries, blackberries 5, 5 blueberries, cherries 5) mixing with organic yogurt, a sprinkling of handful of almonds (not roasted or salted).
– A morning snack: a glass of lemonade, and ten minutes later, a banana and a handful of sunflower seeds or pumpkin.
– Lunch: salad beans or lentils (at will) seasoned with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.
– An afternoon snack: a glass of lemonade, and ten minutes later, raw vegetables (cucumber, radishes and celery) or a handful of dried fruit and tree nuts in unsalted.
– Dinner: grilled fish and steamed vegetables (with onions), no matter where, as long as the dish is sprinkled with lemon juice! Vegetarian variation: a wok vegetables (bok choy, onions, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts income in olive oil with garlic, ginger, tofu cubes and lemon juice! )
– A glass of lemonade with warm water two hours before bed.
– A snack before bed (if needed): celery branch.
A typical day of lemon diet:
– A lemon juice diluted in hot water at sunrise.
– Breakfast ; a bowl of fruit salad with yogurt and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 30 cl of organic milk or soy milk.
– A morning snack: 8 unsalted almonds and a cool glass of juice leaking watered.
– Lunch: vegetable soup and two slices of wholemeal salad topped with grated cheese and bread.
– A snack in the afternoon, two oatmeal cookies, cherry tomatoes and a tablespoon of cheese.
– Dinner: grilled fish or chicken seasoned tofu lemon sauce and olive oil, green leafy vegetables (cabbage, spinach) to jump to the wok and served with a teaspoon of sesame seed. For dessert, peaches cooked with cinnamon.
– A warm lemon drink at bedtime.
Find the entire system, the menus and the recipes in the book “The lemon regime,” Theresa Cheung and Martine André, ed. Leduc.s
Pros and Cons of lemon diet:
The benefits of lemon diet
– The method of lemon diet offers a good start with a day detox cure. But no way to stay in bed drinking leek broth all day! It is necessary to allocate contributions in small amounts throughout the 24 hours and drink lots of lemonade. This day boost (not too complicated to follow and especially little frustrating: you can eat snack almonds!) Helps boost the body and especially the motivation! 500g to a kilo of lost on the scale the next day (according to your body) and a gray complexion least through the natural drainage made the day: what you put on the right track.
– Both experts disclose a multitude of tips to fill his cart without making mistakes but also to cook without too much fat. The recipes really make you want to put it (lentil soup, breaded salmon with lemon, stuffed baked apples) and tips abound. For example: Replace salt with lemon to reveal the flavors.
– Each day new diet is accompanied by a new principle to adopt. Example: “forget such products lightened”. A really good idea that achieves smooth its objectives and build a new healthier lifestyle in the long term.
– Due to its high vitamin C, lemon diet involves no loss of energy and thus can exercise, the better it increases the tone and vitality and urges to put on his sneakers! A whole chapter is devoted in the same book.
The disadvantages of the lemon diet
– This diet is not suitable for everyone. Those who want to find the line before the summer (less than 5 kilos) will have everything to gain but if very overweight, better consult your doctor.
– It requires the purchase of certain foods a little hard to find: sunflower seeds, maple syrup, fruit and especially organic lemons …
– It needs to spend a lot of time to cook. For gastronomy fans, so this can be an advantage!
– It can cause heartburn.
– It is not recommended for people with kidney problems.
Ready to get started? Discover therefore to follow daily menu ideas …

The main principles:
Theresa Cheung and Dr. Martine André, co-authors of the method “The lemon diet” start from a simple observation: to lose weight, you need a good digestion. And this for two reasons.
The first: a sluggish digestive system deprives the body of a portion of ingested nutrients, which can increase the feeling of hunger. The second: poor digestion necessarily mean poor elimination. As a result, people with benign digestive disorders struggling to lose weight without making the connection between their condition and weight. To regain balance and therefore lose the extra kilos, an ancestral remedy can boost digestive machine: the lemon.
Lemon removes toxins
With 7-8% citric acid it contains, it increases the secretion of saliva and gastric juices. This fruit also has a direct action on the liver, regulating organ of digestion. Moreover, bursting with vitamin C, it helps burn more calories.
Lemon regime is therefore to use this magic food several times a day. Zest, juice, flesh, everything can be used to decorate the various dishes and snacks.
The magic lemonade
But lemon is consumed mainly in the form of an easy to concoct drink 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, 30 ounces of filtered water, 2 tsp maple syrup (or a small cinnamon stick ) and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Principle 1: lemonade drink this every morning before breakfast at sunrise. The program can not be sufficient in these commandments; he’ll have to learn to choose and cook the right foods but also adopt a new lifestyle. In three weeks, the love handles or small belly should disappear without fatigue (ask Jennifer Aniston and Heidi Klum)Family-Friendly-Fat-Burning-Meals