Stand for the work contributes to weight loss

regime-naturel-se-tenir-debout-pendant-travail-contribue-perte-de-poidsThere is no doubt that the sitting position at work for long periods a lot of damage, including obesity, heart disease, and this was confirmed by a recent medical study by British researchers from the University of Chester , where he was studying to stand while working for 3 hours a day to burn about 8 kg of fat per year, and researchers confirm that the high functions and high help employees be all the time, contributing to the weight loss easily.

The study indicated that it should be on staff who are sitting at their desks for hours continuously consider the idea of ​​getting up from time to time, based on the writer Ernest Hemingway, who was standing passionate on her feet, composing something new, Dr John Buckley “Department of Clinical Science and Nutrition at the University of Chester,” said the switch from the idea of ​​doing business to sit Support Office will reduce obesity and consumption of nearly 144 calories and improve blood circulation.
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