Magic soup for weight loss

regime-naturel-soupe-magiqueWe always follow the many methods to lose weight, sometimes successfully, sometimes not succeed. But the problem is always that all foods to lose weight to be unfavorable for us, or they can cause us a certain depression. These soups and healthy meal to lose weight is very useful for immunity and youth of the skin …


Grape leaves, fresh or preserved apple peel, peel grenade and veins islands artichoke, green pepper, tomatoes and onions radish syphilis, garlic, cumin, mint, thyme, parsley, celery.


Mix ingredients for reasonable and placed in a pot and add water and increase heat slightly and then take the mixture in a blender and add the grapefruit juice or orange or even lemon. Is to drink a large cup a day instead of a meal, especially the main meal.


The advantages of this soup:

Drinking a morning cup of this soup makes a man is about to food throughout the day, because it contains all the necessary nutrients to the body and reduces weight without diet of about 4 kg per month. It also functions to strengthen the immune system of the organism against diseases, and the components of the anti-inflammatory, because they contain nutrients help the activity of immune cells, which destroy bacteria in the blood.


It also has antioxidant components maintains the collagen that makes lapeau flexible to renew the tissues, and contain fibers, which contributes to the digestive process and purification of the digestive system and prevent colon cancer.

In addition, this soup keeps the water level in the body and is intended to reduce the level of harmful blood lipids.