Alimentary Diet

To lose weight, use diet and exercise. Diet and exercise are the two best ways to lose weight. If you want to lose some weight, here are some tips on how diet and exercise can help.

The goal is to lose weight and build muscle, you need to diet and exercise. The good news is that diet and exercise are extremely effective to lose weight fast and tone your body.

Health professionals have repeatedly stated that the best types of diets are those that integrate all types of foods such as grains, lean meats, fruits, vegetables and some oils time to time. An exercise program is as easy to start. For exercise, simply walking for 30 minutes to 1 hour each day. It should also drink water during the exercises 1.5 liters per day.

Insoluble fiber is good for the digestive system, they help soften stools and make them larger. This helps to prevent constipation. Insoluble fiber is found in whole wheat products, corn bran and flaxseed. We also find some fruits and vegetables.
Soluble fiber is good for the heart and circulatory system. They can help reduce cholesterol in the blood and help control blood sugar. Soluble fiber is found in fruits and vegetables. It is also found in the bran and oatmeal, barley, psyllium and legumes.
The fibers can also help you control your weight.
When you add fiber in your diet, gradually increase the amount. Your body needs a little time to get used to the extra amount of fiber.

Grains are high in fiber
Canada’s Food Guide recommends the following portions:
• from 3 to 6 servings of grain products per day for children;
• 6 or 7 servings of grain products per day for teenagers.
Start your day with a breakfast that includes cereals high in fiber. Search cereals whose name includes the word “his” or “fiber”.
• Add fruit to your cereal, such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries.
• You can add one or two tablespoons of wheat bran in the rough in your cereal.
• Add bran cereal or wheat bran in muffins, pancakes or waffles.
• Use of whole grain flour. At the beginning, replace half the white flour with whole grain flour. This will help you get used to the difference in taste and texture.
• Go to breads and pasta with whole grains.

Fruits and vegetables high in fiber
Canada’s Food Guide recommends the following portions:
• 4 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables per day for children;
• 7 or 8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day for teenagers.echelle-regime-alimentaire-naturel

Fruits and vegetables are very important in all healthy diets. There are no fruits and vegetables should not be eaten, but the choices that have a high fiber content are best. Fruit and vegetable juices should be consumed in limited quantities because they are low in fiber.regime-naturel-astuces-pour-maigrir14