8 Foods fat-burning to lose weight fast

Manger-apres-le-sport-pour-maigrir54878We present different foods that burn fat quickly and these foods have no negative effects on the health of human and make you lose weight stomach, thighs and hips.
To lose weight naturally and permanently, the only solution is to adopt a new lifestyle. This implies, incorporate into your lifestyle that these two elements are regular exercise and a balanced diet. Continue reading “8 Foods fat-burning to lose weight fast”

How to lose weight easily?

regime-naturel-astuces-pour-maigrirHow to lose weight quickly, easily and most importantly, to keep a perfect body? Malignant recipes, slimming tips, massages … Put the odds on your side thanks to tips from the pros thinness.

Walking for good slim
A successful weight loss is necessarily accompanied by a sport.
The simplest ? The walk.
How many ? 20 minutes the first seven days of the regime, 30 minutes from the eighth day, 1 hour per day for weight stagnation.
Finally, another 30 minute walk to consolidate the weight loss.
Counting ten days of stabilization per kilo lost.

Sipping buckwheat
roasted buckwheat seeds is the detox of the moment in Hollywood: Demi Moore is adept.
The recipe Valerie Orsoni, toast a handful of buckwheat seeds to the pan and let steep 5 minutes in very hot water.
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Natural diet to soup to lose weight and lose weight

habitudes-alimentaires-pour-perdre-du-poids3Looking for a regime effective soup to lose weight fast? The soup diet is probably for you. This express regime is effective and quick recipe for all those who want to slim down before summer. Discover now all you need to know about this soup slimming.

There are many slimming soups that give the fastest results, onion, leek … but the soup diet best known is undoubtedly the cabbage soup. In the 80s, they gave this soup for medical reasons to obese patients who were losing weight quickly before undergoing surgery. Thus was born the cabbage soup diet. This is a very effective quick scheme but it is also a draconian and restrictive regime thus has certain precautions. The recipe for the cabbage soup diet allows for a few days and provides almost immediate results. Continue reading “Natural diet to soup to lose weight and lose weight”