Cleansing juice of the colon with 3 ingredients: apples, ginger and lemon

Cleansing juice of the colon with 3 ingredients: apples, ginger and lemon

How apples, ginger and lemon can expel pounds of toxins from your body

Today, people often suffer from common health problems that are related to the digestive system and its functioning, such as damaged intestines, chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.

The role of the colon is vitally important for overall health as it removes waste from the body and cleans up toxins that put health at risk.

In addition, the intestine is our “second brain” because it contains our autonomic nervous system. It is also connected to our entire hormonal system and plays a vital role in the immune system.

To improve its operation, you must clean all accumulated waste and hazardous chemicals.

The following homemade recipe is 100% natural and simple, but provides impressive effects in cleansing your colon.

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Using frozen lemons to stop diabetes, tumors, obesity

frozen lemons

Lemons are the most beneficial fruits on the planet, and because of their innumerable health benefits and their unique flavor, they are added to various recipes.

Lemons are excellent for detoxifying the body, but when pressed, lemons lose a lot of their nutrients and much of the medicinal potential.

In contrast, freezing is a better option. Lemon peel strengthens the immune system and offers many health benefits, such as cholesterol regulation, cancer prevention, treatment of bacterial infections and the destruction of parasites and worms.

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Lose your weight with this crossbred drink

perdre-votre-poids-avec-cette-boisson-matineeYou tire test diet recipes, but clear to you later that they do not work at all?

This time we bring you more than a famous recipe, but the drink is recommended by nutritionists and describe him as the best in its field: This ginger syrup and lemon!

To prepare, all you have to do is put a cup and a half of water over high heat until it reaches boiling point. In another bowl, a slice of ginger 2 cm in length form into very small pieces, then add boiling water on the synthesizer eux.Laissez rest for 5 minutes, then add the amount of one tablespoon of juice citron.Pour of greater effectiveness of this mixture prepared by a hot drink every day in the morning before eating. Continue reading “Lose your weight with this crossbred drink”