9 tips for not grow

regime-naturel-astuces-pour-ne-pas-grossir-du-ventre1) I give myself a real little pleasure. No banned, it depresses! Cheese, chocolate, or you miss the sausage? Rather than letting up frustration. give yourself a moment of pure tasting: buy top quality, set the scene and enhance your enjoyment food, breathe and eat 3 times. Close your eyes, concentrate 100% on the sensations. Let your taste buds absorb flavors, texture and wait one minute before swallowing. Let the pleasure invade you, to the brain, but do not you resservez.

2) I rehabilitates my brain frustrations. For banana before his braised endive and steam fish, do you make a film, so TV spot: choose a good mood music (always the same for the brain prints), choose a beautiful iconic object (pretty plate carafe …) of your new way of eating. Hum, smile … Repeat and repeat … Be confident in the long term, it is you who will win! By dint of repeating the staging, once the endive arrive, your body will start to secrete endorphins, hormones of pleasure. Easy either. Continue reading “9 tips for not grow”

10 tips and effective slimming tips

  1. For dessert, take an apple :

regime-naturel-boulimie-de-jogging2Why the apple fruit and not another? Just because Apple is THE fruit of life. It is rich in blessings and protection of certain cardiovascular diseases, in summary, this is a kind of “natural remedy” clearly put forward by the quote: “An apple a day keeps doctor everything.” Furthermore, it limits the absorption of fats and cholesterol in the intestine, and is extremely rich in fiber (about 4g per apple), which facilitates the transit. In conclusion, when you eat an apple for dessert you eliminate more fat. Continue reading “10 tips and effective slimming tips”