Anti Cellulite Never Again: The Natural Solution

remede-celluliteIf you set out to look for the reasons that cause cellulite, you will find many different answers. The websites often give bad information in this regard, arguing such supposedly recognized causes poor circulation, fluid retention, special types of fats, etc., while -réellement- it is not so .

There is no single reason for the existence of cellulite. Its appearance may be related to different factors.

The fat of cellulite is the same as any kind of body fat, it has no particular characteristic, it is not caused by water retention or by poor circulation. Scientific tests have proven that it is nothing but an ordinary fat that “fate” of the connective tissue that lies beneath the skin and makes it look like it to an orange peel.

Women have cellulite because the greater part of the fat is stored in the lower part of the body where the skin is thinner. Men, on the other hand, store fat on the abdomen area where the skin is thicker; they thus escape cellulite.

Hormonal changes are important factors that affect the appearance of cellulite. These can occur during pregnancy or taking birth pellets. Why cellulite occurs then? Because hormonal changes can cause stretching of the skin tissue and it is in the affected areas that excess fat accumulates. Continue reading “Anti Cellulite Never Again: The Natural Solution”