Foods that promote constipation

ConstipationTo fight against this digestive disorder, you should avoid consuming the 5 foods that are constipating following.

Fight against constipation by avoiding foods can be constipating. Live as constipation is clearly not fun, but unless you have a medical reason behind this problem which prevents defecate freely (by tightening the stomach), constipation is caused most likely by the foods you consumed.

So the food you eat are important in determining the ease of bowel movements. Other factors that can cause this digestive disorder is a lack of exercise or insufficient water intake.

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Foods that remedies against constipation

K_constipation1Constipation is defined by health professionals as difficult to achieve defecation act. Constipation promotes swollen belly (or bloating), another inconvenience related to a difficulty of the body to ingest foods.

You can treat yourself through diet by eating foods rich in fiber. The fibers are a category of nutrients which is not converted into energy by digestive enzymes. As part of the fight against constipation, they have an essential role to absorb water in the intestine, whose role is to inflate the stool, thereby boosting the movement of expulsion of the large intestine
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