Foods that increase the loss of fat

meilleur-regime-pour-maigrir-naturellement-dissocieLosing fat begins purchases of food. Take control of what you eat to lose weight and get fat loss therefore starts with knowing manage what you buy as anti fat foods.

Whenever you put a low-calorie food in the trolley or cart, you take responsibility for your weight loss and fat, even before you sit down for a meal and consume these anti fat foods.

There is a simple formula for eating so lighter in calories to lose weight and lose fat: stock up on poor basic calorie foods. These foods are the basic ingredients packaged or canned or frozen, you can use at any time to create succulent dishes, healthy and low in calories. Continue reading “Foods that increase the loss of fat”

How to lose weight belly: What foods that are slim belly?

quels-sont-les-aliments-qui-font-maigrir-du-ventreHe has no secrets. To lose belly fat, you must go through good eating habits box. If you’re tired of the strict diets, where you have to weigh everything and calculate opt for new eating habits and especially a variety of healthy foods.

You can choose a method such as the GI diet where you only need to know the glycemic value of each food rather than spend your time weighing food or counting calories.

You will lose belly gradually but mostly you do not resume the lost weight.

You can also emphasize certain foods and banish others. The first thing to do is to banned from your diet cakes, pastries, soft drinks, white bread and fried foods.

Eat more animal protein such as lean meat, poultry and fish but also cereals, green vegetables, fresh and dried fruits. Drink at least 1.5 liters per day.

Eat taking your time and chew thoroughly to prepare the responsible digestion many bloating and swollen belly.

Playing a sport if you continue to eat poorly will not be used for anything. To lose weight belly having a sport, we also lose the fat from his waist belt. Continue reading “How to lose weight belly: What foods that are slim belly?”

How to lose weight belly: Sports slimming belly

regime-naturel-sports-pour-maigrir-du-ventre1Have a physical activity is to put all chances on his side to slim the tummy. Sport will allow you to burn calories, your gainer abdominaleet belt regain a flat stomach.

Several sports are effective. You can for example choose an endurance sport such as walking, swimming, cycling or jogging. If you do it regularly, 2-3 times a week, your body will draw its energy from your body’s fat reserves.

To have a flat stomach, nothing like the abs . In gym, at home or with targeted exercises your abdominal muscles should be asked to lose weight belly.

Learn how to work your posture. If you are used to hold you wrong, you cause without knowing abdominal relaxation. Practice why water aerobics, dance, yoga or Pilates. Continue reading “How to lose weight belly: Sports slimming belly”

The myths for fat loss

regime-naturel-les-mythes-pour-la-perte-de-graisseWe will talk about the myths for fat loss that are in our opinion too present in people’s heads and that for too many years. We believe it is time to shed light on these myths and we will try to enlighten you to see more clearly.

Eating too little to burn fat:

To burn your fat one of the worst things to do is to make a strict diet so as to eat too little which will result in slowing down your basal metabolism will cause a crash of your body to burn fat. If your diet is really too few calories your body will go into survival mode and it will begin to store everything he can.

Eat rather to slim down, and we’ll never remember enough, take 5-6 small meals a day to maintain your highest metabolism possible, which will also serve to maintain your muscle mass, because the goal is to lose the fat without losing muscle, at least avoiding as much as possible to lose and it therefore requires a diet rich in protein and a good strength training. Continue reading “The myths for fat loss”