10 tips of the most important exercises to lose weight fast

exercices-a-faire-soi-meme-pour-maigrir-et-perdre-du-poids-rapidement-gHere are the 10 training tips that I consider essential, which must become true basic rules when you train. Those rules I apply them in the design of my weight loss training programs so that each drive is most effective for losing weight fast.

1. Often cause a little better than infrequent long

To lose weight fast it is more effective to train daily minimum 20 min. rather than 2 times weekly 1 hour for example. Whenever the body is stressed, he learns of his effort and improves its efficiency to burn his calories stored as fat (lipids) and sugar (glycogen).
Practicing every day a little strength your body to always be active and therefore to burn his calories daily. In addition, when you stop driving you, it sometimes takes up to 2 hours for your metabolism to return to its resting level. In other words, it keeps burning fat and sugar for several hours after stopping your workout. On the same issue, you can read this article that explains how to burn more calories at rest. Stimulate the daily and increasing daily the period during which metabolism is higher than at rest.

2. Motivate yourself everyday to stay active every day

A good way to help you move every day and lose weight fast is to equip you with an activity tracker to wear on you every day. They sometimes in the form of pendant and more commonly in the form of bracelets or watches.
Depending on the model, these small accessories record your daily physical activity, your sleep cycles, helps you manage your diet, calculates the number of calories you burn etc. All these results are presented in an application on your phone, tablet or computer to help you track your progress day after day.

To be used, it is a real boost of motivation because you quickly tend to look at your states, the number of calories you eat and those you spend and you literally take you to the game of wanting to move all the time instead sitting. These trackers are amazing tools to motivate you to cheaply send you notifications and reminders on your phone to prompt you to move after a long period of inactivity etc.

It is a real tool which enables you to motivate you to move every day and monitor your progress more empirically and most important, of course, allow you to lose weight fast.

direct and indirect motivation
In more conventional terms, it is called intrinsic motivation, we can generate ourselves and extrinsic motivation, when we are sensitive to the motivation generated by someone other than oneself.
To successfully motivate you, some people need a direct motivation that is a friend (s) with which to train or hire a coach who takes in hand, motivates during training to push them beyond their limits.

Others prefer an indirect type of motivation: like watching a movie that will inspire them to do as the hero or heroine, read stories of people who are successful in their weight loss, televisions emissions , music or motivational phrase very popular on social networks.

If you are more like “direct motivation,” I would probably be the ideal person for you “kick in the pants.” Besides, if you need advice or motivation, discuss training or talk with me on your goals then you can book the time of your choice here so that we discuss together and I help you find the right way to achieve your goal based on your lifestyle and preferences. It is a 100% personalized and private.


3. 2 short daily workouts will be more effective for losing weight fast one longer

In the same vein as the point number 1, to train more often a little longer is better than less often. So the ideal is squarely to 2 small drives daily (every 20-30min), it will be even more effective than single biggest 1hour.

Ideally, I advise you to separate these two workouts a minimum 3-4 hours of rest to allow time for your body to recover and enjoy the famous “inertia” of your metabolism. In this way, your metabolism will be boosted 2x in your day longer and the efficiency of fat loss will be greater.

If you do not have the time to do 2 small practices a day, I can perfectly understand, I have 2 small children with us and this is already the sport every day, then your only dual 1 or sessions 2 days per week.

4. Mix whenever possible cardio and body-building to increase your calorie consumption at each drive

image2Do cardio is good, but mixing cardio and weight training in the same training session weight loss, it’s really the TOP! And it greatly helps to lose weight fast.

Every effort specifically solicits your muscles and requires a specific amount of calories. This kind of mix cardio Bodybuilding training allows you to vary the type of muscle contraction and solicitation of these muscle groups much more varied than a simple cardio workout.

Your heart rate will also vary much more each year creating a variation of the training load that the body will suffer and force your body to burn your calories faster.

Not only does this type of training is effective to lose weight fast but above all it will allow you to keep your motivation on top so it is fun to do! You will see that this kind of meeting happening much faster than any other and try it is to adopt. Here, against any indication, you can abuse this kind of meeting EVERY day if you want.

5. Move physically every day

Fitness and weight loss are not a small 1-month deal. Fat loss is acquired long term by changing their lifestyle and eating habits.

This is your brain to relearn to move daily and less and eat better. It is true that rehabilitation be undertaken as when you relearn to walk after an accident. For lasting results, get used to walk as often as possible at a rapid pace, taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator, take your bike for longer distances, d go running or swimming a little each day. To do more physical exercise or activities outside in the sun to go in warmer places, sunnier.

6. Make muscle exercises each session

We must stop believing that if you do muscle exercises you’ll gain weight! CAUTION: It is obvious that if you go to a gym, you’re doing heavy weight training 5x per week with heavy weight and you eat very protein in large quantities, then yes, your body will grow and your muscles will develop.

By cons, if you are using only the weight of your body (like my workouts weight loss programs) so no additional weight or with small free weights, you’re doing a lot of repetition and that your diet is low in calories, so NO you do not grossiras!

Your muscles will make you suffer the first weeks of training because they are not yet accustomed to this new effort but they will not grow (or so little that it will be negligible on the scale).

By cons, muscle exercises allow you to burn more calories and differently than when you practice on cardio vascular equipment only. They allow you to be stronger every day, to have more energy and your muscles will be much stronger than if you only do cardio equipment.

7. Use as much as possible all the muscles of your body at every workout

In your day, if you do just a workout for abs for example, as the abdominals (rectus, obliques, transverse) are small muscles when they contract, only very few calories will burned. Small muscles = small calories.

By cons, if the abs I added in the same session of upper body exercises (chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders) and lower body exercises (legs, calves, buttocks), your whole body will work and the amount of calories burned and will be FAR more important and more visible results wELL short term. You will lose weight and much faster.

8. Choose exercises that use your legs to each drive

As we have seen, the more the muscles are bigger and they consume calories (energy) for the same effort. The leg muscles are the largest of the human body so if you use them in every session, you will consume more calories and the effectiveness of your sessions will be even greater and your loss weight faster. You can add squats and exercises, step-ups, split squats, lunges etc. to your daily workouts.

9. Entraîne-toi au minimum 4x par semaine

It’s easy, if you want to lose weight fast, your body changes rapidly, we must force it to adapt to the physical effort.

For this, we need the number of days it is stimulated (number of days you train) is greater than the number of days he rests.

Thus, it is necessary that more than half of your week you the solicited by a workout that makes you sweat. If half a week is 3.5 days then drives up minimum 4 days per week he is only three days rest against 4 days of training.

10. Minimum Train 30 minutes to each workout

When you start to move and drag you, his muscles contract and increase the calories they consume in response to the effort. To contract, they use the available energy provided by the glycogen (sugar) and lipids (fats) stored in your body.

Sugars are very quick to use because they are small molecules that are easy to use burn rapidly (see my video about it). Conversely, lipids are great longer molecules for use in providing energy. I can compare carbohydrates twigs that burn quickly and lipids of logs that provide a lot of energy but take much more time to consummer completely.

At the beginning of your low intensity effort is glycogen (muscle, liver and transient) which is mainly used to provide energy for muscle contraction while lipids will be used in smaller proportions. Because as we said, fats take longer to burn, one could speak of consumer inertia. It is only from 15 to 20 minutes of exercise the trend reverses to a greater extent and that the lipids are increasingly used as a primary source of energy necessary for muscle contraction and cellular exchanges.

So if your training weight loss lasts at least 30 minutes, thou Make sure of 10 minutes during which the fat will be used much more than during the first 15-20 minutes of effort. Obviously, we must also consider the intensity of exercise because if you begin to run very fast on a treadmill, it will then be mainly carbohydrates which provide energy for exercise and conversely, if you run much more slowly, the body sees that the exercise is lower and it is better to save its intensity more limited carbohydrate reserves and instead use fat to provide energy.

Therefore, if you make a continuous drive only cardio (no Ab), you’re better to do longer than 30 minutes to really “tap” into your fat stores. This example is specific against a continuous drive (without stopping) on a cardio machine. If we take the example of strength training or interval training, operation is different.

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