How to lose weight belly: A diet change and tips to lose belly

Une-alimentation-a-changer-et-conseils-pour-perdre-du-ventreYour kilos have not installed on the belly without reason. Most often it is that you just let go at the food level and you took bad habits. Therefore, begin by then when we want to lose belly fat.

Men have more difficulty keeping a diet. must therefore outlaw draconian methods and too private otherwise you will not hold your diet long time and this is normal. It is therefore better to opt for a healthy and varied diet.

First remove:

  • Alcohol, fruit juices and sodas
  • The appetizer biscuits
  • The mayonnaise and sauces
  • pastries and cakes
  • the charcuterie and industrial flat

Eat preferably:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • lean proteins (fish, white meat or egg)
  • Whole grains (wheat, rice, pasta)
  • Vegetables dry


You will see that by changing a few eating habits, you will lose your kilos without realizing it.

Know gentlemen, that you are not alone and that there are tricks that can help you.

  • It is important to drink a lot. Opt for example for green coffee beans that are a true ally to lose his excess weight.
  • Think about the slimming belts. Without effort, you’ll be able to lose a few centimeters while vacant about your business.
  • Pay attention to your transit that can be responsible for a swollen belly. Therefore consume fiber.

Eating healthy and move more is the key to success to lose belly fat. It’ll just turn off your computer and get started.


Having a flat, firm and muscular stomach is the dream … everyone. Whether to feel good about her body, to have confidence, to seduce and be sexy or her health, lose weight belly is the wish of many people.

You like sport ? Good, this will help you lose your small beads!

Which sports to lose weight belly?

It annoys us, complex, leads a hard life and is our worst nightmare in the mirror or when one dons jeans. The belly but above the beads are unsightly and we want to quickly overcome.

For this, we will have to burn calories and beef up his abs. Some sports are more suited than others to target weight loss in that place.Une-alimentation-a-changer-et-conseils-pour-perdre-du-ventre1

Sports pour brûler des calories :

– The bike: is a very effective sport for burning calories. Know that hour of cycling can make you lose up to 800 calories while we go and pedal.

– Squash: is a very hard and very intense sport but that’s the goal. The calories will soar to unbelievable speed

 Badminton: it is not clear enough but it is a very complete and very physical sport that burns calories quickly. You can practice in a club, in the garden or on the beach.

– Running remains the most advisable sports activity when we want to expend calories to lose weight belly. A condition for practice two to three times a week.

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