How to lose weight belly: Get active for a flat stomach

regime-naturel-faites-du-sport-pour-une-ventre-platTo lose belly fat, the bad news is that diet alone is not enough and it will take up a sport. This must be adapted and targeted to lose a few centimeters at the waist belt:

  • Rower: is one of the most efficient appliances to lose belly fat
  • Jumping rope: it allows to work several muscles and to refine the stomach but not only.
  • Running is ideal for reducing the waistline
  • Crunches: is the exercise of choice when we want to lose belly fat. There are a multitude of different exercises for something different muscles and his abs.
  • The aqua : is the business trend of the moment and for good reason, Without effort and without realizing it, you will lose fat belly quickly. If you are not a big sports fan or gyms, you’ll love this activity.
  • The Pilates method: with the right exercises, you will lose belly gently!
  • The elliptical: is one of the most complete devices on the market. You will work your abs but also all the muscle groups of your body.

Having a healthy diet and perform the right exercises are key to finally get rid of that belly fat that leads you die hard.

You will feel better about yourself but more importantly, you will risk having more cardiovascular problems and type 2 diabetes.


You no longer see your feet in the shower, you do not like your beads and you’re not comfortable in your body? It will then have to lose that belly that leads you die hard.

With the will, some effort, rigor and good advice, you will lose easily your love handles.

Men also want a flat stomach

Lose weight

A flat, firm stomach is not an exclusively female. It is believed that men pay less attention to their line as the female but it is far from the case. And this for several reasons.

Men also like to seduce, be sexy and have beautiful abs well dessinés.Ils are also likely to type of thinking “when you give birth? “” This is the age “and many others.

Having belly, besides aesthetics, is bad for health. If you do not lose your excess weight, you can cardiovascular problems and type 2 diabetes.
And admittedly, have a little belly, preventing it from moving as desired.
As the men store their fat mainly on the abdominal belt, it is time to act.

Accompanying a slimming program, we have to play sports. Before you put, keep your diet as before abs or others, you lose belly fat. The only sport does not lose weight!

To lose belly fat, so you destocking fat. To do this, get the cardio exercises. Endurance sports such as cycling, jogging or swimming are perfect.


And now, you will have to tackle your abs. But no matter how. There are specific and especially effective exercises to redraw his abs:

  • The Crunch : This is the most famous when you want to beef up his abs. There are several variations in order not to fall into monotony
  • The Ab Roller : a little complicated at first, it is a very effective exercise once mastered. This is a wheel with two handles that will help you tone your abs
  • The Swiss Ball or exercise ball : This is one of the main accessories of Pilate method. If you do not like sports too, must try. Effortless and smooth, you will overcome your beads.
  • Devices : they are there to help you. There are many on the market as a rower, abdominal board, the semi-incline bench and many others.regime-naturel-faites-du-sport-pour-une-ventre-plat5

Whatever activity you choose, the most important is to be rigorous. So plan two to three sessions per week for about 30 minutes. If you hold this rate you’ll rediscover your abs but above all find a flat stomach.

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