Foods to avoid to lose weight and have a flat stomach

regime-naturel-ventre-platSome foods you consume act differently in your body. Some of them are going for different reasons give you bloating and stomach creating a small bounce. Although these temporary bloating can be annoying because we feel uncomfortable in clothes. Other foods can lead to a bloated belly in the long term due to the increase of fat stored in the abdomen. We will try to you talk about these foods that is desirable to avoid giving you an alternative for everyone.

1- White bread
White bread, our beloved baguette unfortunately made from refined flour. Refined flour induces an elevation of blood glucose levels in our our body which in turn releases a large amount of insulin promote fat storage. These fats are found then stored in a first time around our abdominal strap. So if you want to lose weight fast and especially slim belly it is better to focus wholemeal bread to avoid storing fat.

2- The cabbage
Cabbage is a vegetable known for the production of gas in the gastrointestinal tract during digestion. Vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, beans and all their derivatives are more digestible when cooked. Avoid eating when you want to regain a flat stomach. However we can not banish them completely from our diet because they contribute to a healthy diet and they provide nutrients needed to burn fat. They must therefore consume reasonable and well cooked.

3- Carbonated water
Between 1-3 hours after ingestion of carbonated water even if it is not in calories, you may feel slightly bloated. The gas in these sparkling waters influence your flat stomach. Ideally prefer flat water with a slice of lemon for example much better to keep or find a nice flat stomach. If you really can not do without carbonated water does not exceed one drink per day. And banish them completely a few days before an important event if you want to wear a nice flat stomach for the occasion.

4- Sodas including light
Sodas are high in refined sugar, first enemy to lose weight. They can also contain corn syrup also bad diet. As for ligth sodas that contain aspartame are not better. To accomplish our goals ie lose weight fast as well as regain a flat stomach. Indeed when you drink sodas ligth your brain recognizes the sweet taste, he immediately increases your insulin levels in the blood which in turn will store all the fat you ingest or go. The ligth is a false friend even if it eases our conscience, the fact is no less an enemy lose weight fast . And the gas contained in these sodas in addition the disadvantage of bulging us. Prefer a fresh juice and homemade noncommercial.

5- Fried foods
Fried foods are too fat when we follow a diet but as a bonus the ability to feel heavy after their ingestion and bulging belly us. So excited fried foods especially if you want to lose weight fast If you like these foods you can prepare yourself rather than buying them on the market. Why take a dip the chicken breast in a little egg yolk and in whole wheat flour. Fry it with a little olive oil in a pan. You can do this with a bunch of other foods and you will have your plate healthy and good food for your health by avoiding bad fats and bloating. You will have a nice flat stomach.

6- Ice cream
The ice creams contain large amounts of sugar and foods high in sugar causes a rise in blood sugar and therefore an increase in insulin levels, which leads to the storage of fat on the belly. Because the ice cream is a dairy product, it also contains high levels of lactose, the sugar present in milk. Many people have lactose intolerance, which leads them to have trouble digesting lactose therefore to increased gas, bloating, and can even lead to diarrhea. The extreme temperature variations in food, such as very cold (like ice cream) can also affect the gastrointestinal system and lead to cramps and bloating.

7- Charcuterie
The deli is a fatty food that is loaded with unhealthy saturated fats. These bad fats are deposited in the arteries leading to poor blood circulation creating cardiovascular problems. Also poor circulation creates inflammation, which has a direct link for the storage of fat in the abdominal region. The deli is almost always high in sodium (salt). sodium rich foods promote water retention, which gives a bloated feeling and a bloated effect of your stomach. If you like sausage opt for one made with basic lean meats like turkey, chicken contains less saturated fat and are less caloric. You can still eat a slice of ham but obviously having removed the fat around. These foods are nevertheless quite high in sodium thus consume from time to time to keep a nice flat stomach.

8- Les chewing-gum
Chewing gum generally leads to ingest a lot of air. The more you swallow more air this air builds up in your gastrointestinal tract which can cause bloating because the air pressure built up in your gastrointestinal system will create pressure on your abdominal walls. So if you want to keep a nice flat stomach avoid.

9- White rice
The white rice was refined and stripped of the outer and inner layers of the grain, all in eliminating most of the fiber, nutrients and proteins. White rice is digested quickly in your body, creating cascading increased insulin levels, and increased fat storage in your body. Over time your size may be rounded. More white rice has a low level of satiety which may cause you to eat more to feel full. This is not to ban rice but rather to opt for a less refined rice like brown rice or wild rice. They can perfectly replace white rice in most recipes and are more beneficial to your body and your belly.

10- Salt
Salt is a sponge in water for our body. This is not of course the ban because it remains essential to our health. You just know the dose. Avoid salt flat even before you taste, avoid foods such as meats rich in salt. In possible cook for yourself rather than buying industrial food high in salt. You will avoid unnecessary water retention, bloating and an unpleasant keep a nice flat stomach.
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