Food for a flat stomach with a natural diet

aliments-regime-naturel100It’s easy to have slim belly By adopting a healthy lifestyle and incorporating these natural nutritious foods and tasty in your diet. In addition, these foods are low in calories, satiating or increase your metabolism. In addition, they have properties beneficial to your health.


Watermelon is an excellent diuretic food, because it is composed of 92% water. In doing so, this fruit helps to remove toxins and excess water from the body. Watermelon is also a food holding the most citrulline, that is to say a beneficial amino acid to the blood vessels and the blood system. Take it as a drench may cause you to eat too much sugar, hence the interest to prefer the version in chewable. You can always try the version pizza with fruit cut into quatiers great thick slice of watermelon to which you can add a variety of berries (raspberries, blueberries, etc.) and spread on the whole a little ricotta cheese . This is an original and refreshing recipe.

Cranberries are very high antioxidant properties and concealment few calories, or 46 calories per 100 grams. According to Dr. Pierre Nys, a nutritionist, cranberries help regulate insulin. “By limiting the action of insulin, they reduce fat storage,” he argues. Besides being a good slimming food, cranberries help treat urinary tract infections. It is best to consume cranberries as tea or dried. Natural Cranberry juice should be consumed in moderation because they are full of sugars. Cocktails cranberry, meanwhile, should be avoided.

Exceptionally rich in beta carotene, mango helps against acidity and poor digestion. And we know that a good transit has a direct impact on the volume of the abdomen inflated -Easily in case of trouble. Besides being rich in vitamin C, the mango is also packed with vitamin A, potassium and magnesium. mango juices and nectars other, devoid of fiber but saturated sugar. This naturally juicy fruit is delicious eaten as it is and ripe. Calories: 60 per 100g of fruit.

The beets:
Beets are powerful foods that can effectively cleanse the body. With a low glycemic index, beets provide the body with a good dose of nitric oxide. The latter “plays a role in blood circulation, muscle contraction and also improves muscle performance. Indeed, in the presence of nitric oxide, muscles require less oxygen to perform the same effort, “reads the site Extenso, the Reference Centre on Nutrition of the University of Montreal. Thus, the beet becomes the ideal ally to develop abdominal iron.

1.4 g of fiber per 100g, pineapple using transit and is therefore a perfect ally for a fulfilled figure and a healthy stomach. It also contains an enzyme, bromelain, which aids digestion by accelerating the absorption of proteins. It also contains minerals (potassium, iron) and vitamins B and C groups Canned pineapple, drowned in a sweet syrup and emptied of all its nutritional benefits. If fresh pineapple is a little tedious to peel, flavor and vitamins widely reward your efforts! Calories: 60 per 100g of fruit.

Figs are a good source of fiber, while concealing zero fat and zero cholesterol. Its fibrous nature to help maintain good digestive system and provide a satiety effect. Thus, when your sugar cravings in the afternoon, figs are a good alternative health pastries. However, it should be noted that if you want to limit your intake of sugars, it is best to eat fresh figs rather than dried.

The grapes are delicious and juicy fruits that have a natural laxative effect, which helps in weight loss. The grapes are also sometimes used in the fall season, to do detox treatments and strengthen the immune system. The cure grape is normally short on a few days, and would help to give a boost of energy by eliminating various surplus (toxins, water and fat). Moreover, attributed to grapes an anti-cancer function because of a compound found in grape skin, resveratrol is.

Fisheries have interest in being part of a diet because of their diuretic function. They are composed almost 80% water. In addition, they come with fiber to the delight of your intestines. The fibers are mainly concentrated in the soft skin of fishing. It is therefore important not to withdraw to enjoy its benefits. It is also best to consume peaches from organic agriculture, according to the organization Environmental Working Group (EWG). The latter conducted a study to identify the foods on which was found the most pesticides. Among the top 10, the fishing was among the foods with the most pesticides.

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