Food for a flat stomach with a natural diet (following)

regime-naturel-ventre-platTo get a flat stomach should be reassured foods on this list are delicious. Also, do not believe in completely eliminating carbohydrates or fat from your diet, you will reach your goals. Instead of creating prohibited, it is best to consume foods rich in carbohydrates or fat in moderation and to focus rather healthy food, tasty, rich in fiber that aid digestion!
Here are 4 features the best fat burning foods that will become your allies in your quest for thinness health:
• They are very low in calories.
• They are very nutritious.
• They feel full, thereby reducing appetite for desserts or other high-calorie foods.
• Prepared creatively, they will satisfy your craving for treats.

Cinnamon’s health at various levels. In addition to regulating the level of sugar in the blood, it also decreases the body lipid levels, specifically the bad cholesterol. This observation has been noted elsewhere in 2013 by researchers who administered nearly 6 grams of cinnamon per day for participants of a study, it said on the university website specializing in nutrition, Extenso. Six grams, it is a good amount, but at least cinnamon has the advantage of having good taste.

Bladderwrack is a seaweed species that grows in the Atlantic shores. This algae stimulates metabolism and is often used in weight loss diets. Its ability to absorb excess water from the body and generate a satiety effect explains its popularity in such plans. The wrack is yet against-indicated with hyper-thyroid.


Lemongrass helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, suggesting some studies. It also recognized to have anti-inflammatory effects and relieve headaches and stomach. His taste slightly lemony scent pleasantly herbal tea, a meal or a nice hot soup. Finally, we recognize this plant the ability to reduce the sometimes unpleasant symptoms associated with PMS.

Apple cider vinegar:
Apple cider vinegar is recognized as a good element to help reduce weight because of its compound acetic acid. This acid is responsible for the reduction of blood sugar and helps to melt fat over the long term. Studies in animals fed vinegar base that have demonstrated well. Apple cider vinegar can be added to your salad dressing or a glass of hot water.

Besides its antiseptic, antioxidant and its high content of vitamin C, lemon is also a diuretic (that helps to eliminate), hence its popularity in the cures called “Detox”. Lemon is also an excellent appetite suppressant, thanks to its pectin which has the property of moderate appetite. A glass of water with lemon swallowed before meals slows the absorption of sugars and gives a feeling of satiety for up to 4 hours. Finally, the lemon is very beneficial for the digestive system, both to stimulate digestion and prevent problems than to soothe a battered stomach. Sweet lemonades and trade of bottled lemon juice are some interesting nutritionally.

Despite its high calorie content, the lawyer is recommended as part of a healthy diet. How is this possible ? In addition to its low glycemic index, fruit is an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, vitamin E and B and fiber (11 to 17 grams per lawyer). Unlike other fats, mono-unsaturated fatty acids lower total cholesterol levels and help to regulate blood sugar (glucose), which has a positive effect on weight control. Finally, in the lawyer’s mannoheptulose: this rare form of sugar has the property to reduce the secretion of insulin, the hormone responsible for fat storage in different parts of the body-including the abdomen, waist and hips.

Composed of 92% water, asparagus is a great vegetable to stay hydrated and to fight against water retention. Its fiber content ensures carefree transit and its diuretic properties are beneficial to the kidneys. It is also rich in vitamins A, B9 and PP, phosphorus and manganese. Asparagus is often consumed overcooked and drowned in cream sauce, which ruins its benefits.


It is its aphrodisiac reputation that has facilitated the spread of the ginger root worldwide! But this spice has primarily proven effective in relieving nausea, its protective effect on the mucous membrane and its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger stimulates the production of bile and promotes the action of enzymes involved in digestion, protecting the stomach bloating and other unwanted swelling. It also lowers cholesterol, blood triglycerides and fatty acids. In short, this little magic root for gastric health.

Pepper mint:
Like all mints, it has aromatic properties (tonic, invigorating) and digestive (effective against stomach heaviness, bloating, gas). The menthyl acetate (ester) acts as antispasmodic, which has the effect of relieving abdominal pain.
Menthol and essential oils are antibacterial and antioxidant. The virtues of small infusion made from mint, traditionally served at the end of a too rich meals are not a myth! Peppermint is the best friend of a healthy digestive system, essential to have a flat stomach. All these benefits obviously does not apply to chewing gum peppermint flavor! If you consume too often, beware of bloating.
In general, be sure to drink enough, small amounts at a time and throughout the day (absorb too much water volume suddenly can indeed be harmful!). Dehydration causes in fact water retention, a major cause of a swollen belly.

Green tea:
Green tea virtues are as famous as many. powerful antioxidant, it helps fight against cellular aging, and its diuretic properties involved in the elimination of toxins. But did you know that it is also a very effective ally in the fight against bloating and unwanted extra fat? Hydrating the body, it helps prevent water retention.
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The caffeine it contains further increases thermogenesis (energy expenditure of the body). But it is above its catechins (molecules of the flavonoid family) that help restore and maintain a healthy stomach. Many studies have proven their effect on fat distribution, that regular consumption of green tea prevents them from store at the waist and stomach.

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