Natural foods for a flat stomach and lose weight (following)

regime-alimentaire-equilibre-ventre-plat-regime-naturel100When we sometimes swelled natural remedies can help you lose belly, thighs or hips, and eliminate fat stored in the body. Discover our modern tips and tricks and grandmother of tricks to lose weight fast …
Many natural products dedicated to weight loss have appeared on the market in recent years.
We therefore offer a natural method to try to lose some weight at one time e using natural diet food.

Very filling, oats body water provides a source of energy to slow and sustained release avoids cravings. With outstanding in fiber (8.4 g per 100g), it improves intestinal transit – crucial for a flat stomach. Eat oatmeal also reduces blood cholesterol, thanks to its high content of beta-glucan. Rich in vitamin E as well as B vitamins, it is beneficial for the nervous system and even makes the skin more beautiful. Finally, oats is a mineral mine: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron.
Attention instant gruaus trade, usually packed with sugar and additives that destroy the nutritional intake. Oats is not suitable for people intolerant to gluten. To save time and feast upon waking, try our soft porridge oat flakes in chia, prepare the day before and let stand overnight in the refrigerator, in fruity or chocolaty release.

Celery is an excellent vegetable to adopt for a flat stomach because it is filled with water, but also fiber, which facilitates intestinal transit. In fact, the fibers have the characteristic of reducing the rate of fat and sugar in blood. Celery can be used to make thirst-quenching beverages, green and light soups and remains one of the key foods of a typical dish of raw vegetables.

The tomato:
Like tomatoes? Add them so generously to salads. Tomatoes are a good source of potassium. It is best to eat raw, like many other vegetables also because the high temperature cooking can destroy a share of nutrients. The tomato also has the reputation of reducing cardiovascular disease.

Parsley is a delicious herb to enhance the flavor of your dishes. Parsley also has detoxifying and diuretic properties. Take a green parsley juice facilitates the removal of toxins and even heavy metals. But if drinking parsley juice seems too difficult to swallow, so opt for parsley-based salad, tabbouleh such example.

Those who love spicy food have a head start on their peers who avoid at all costs chilies. The reason is that hot peppers help to burn calories more easily since they have the ability to increase the intracorporeal temperature. Specifically, this is capsaicin, an antioxidant spice, which can help reduce fat by stimulating the secretion of adrenaline.

The griffonia:
The Griffonia is a legume similar to lima beans, which grows in Ghana and Congo. The griffonia conceals much tryptophan, an amino acid that helps produce another amino acid called 5-HTP. The latter is responsible for producing serotonin in the brain, a well-being hormone. Griffonia is credited with the ability to reduce anxiety and reduce appetite in people, reports the website Health Passport. Dr. Jean-Michel Morel, author of the Treaty of herbal medicine, provides the following directive to take griffonia: “The best time to absorb is around 18 hours, with a piece of chocolate to facilitate the passage of the 5-hydroxytryptophan in the brain.”

Fennel can be sliced and added to a salad to give it a crunchy texture. Fennel seeds can be used, in turn, produce a detoxifying infusion to the liver and stomach. This tea can also help reduce bloating and intestinal gas.

The courgette:
Zucchini is a preferred food for weight loss because of its low sodium content, which prevents the body to store more water. Add to this, its important potassium concentration contributes, moreover, to fight water retention. The zucchini is a food often used in stir-fries and soups and increasingly in desserts. If you have not tried the delicious chocolate cake and zucchini, it’s time.

Calorie, almonds consumed in small quantities are nevertheless good health asset. Rich in antioxidants and fiber, they help stabilize blood sugar levels and thus avoid fringales.Enfin, few foods have such a high potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Moreover, its natural sodium content is very low, which makes it ideal as part of a controlled sodium diet. The appetizing almond trade, plenty salty, oily or coated with chocolate. Prefer them raw version for truly healthy snacks.
Provide 1 or 2 handfuls of almonds daily for snacks: a powerhouse that you requinquera sustainably. Almond butters are also delicious as a spread and in raw pastries.

Rich in potassium, the artichoke is one of the most diuretic foods. Consumed regularly, so it helps eliminate and regulates transit. It also contains vitamins A and B, phosphorus, and other minerals including manganese, calcium and iron. It is a nutritious food, energy, stimulating and detoxing. It is often recommended in cases of liver disease and kidney failure. Consumed in excess or beyond 24 hours after baking, artichoke can cause bloating and flatulence other. So be careful to not get the opposite of the desired effect.

The cabbage:
Cabbage is low in calories (½ cup of cooked kale provides 16 calories), high in fiber and has a low glycemic index. It is an interesting food to lose weight. The red cabbage, especially, is an excellent source of vitamin C. Red cabbage is rich in anthocyanins, pigments that are found in berries and could stimulate the production of insulin.

The cucumber:
Other fruits (because technically, cucumber is a fruit) are more nutritious, but the cucumber is rich in potassium, iron and vitamins A and C. However, it will be significantly less healthy if you drown it in sauce salad . In addition, pickles are often very high in sodium; read the label. In addition, it is best to leave her skin, where nutrients are concentrated. Just be sure to wash it. Pack a sandwich with slices of cucumber and onion and cheese with low fat content: it’s delicious and far less calories than a burger or other sandwich meat.

Grilled vegetables:
Calories: about 95 substantial mixture comprising a red pepper half (15), a small zucchini (20), three green onions (30) and two medium slices of eggplant (30).
There are more vitamins and micronutrients in vegetables than any other food group. Although each has its particular profile, they are all good for health. The rule to remember: the more brighter the color, the more vegetable is rich in nutrients. Vegetables, especially eggplant, are veritable sponges oil, high calorie food. Instead of coating the brush oil, spray them lightly; you put in less. After being roasted, salt and pepper, and season with a few drops of wine vinegar and an herb, thyme, for example. Cut into pieces the size of a mouthful and serve them in salads.

A cantaloupe provides about 200 calories. Very rich in potassium and vitamins A, C and B6. Thanks to its high water content, it fills the appetite. The only problem with the melon is that it is very sweet. A fruit provides about 42 grams of natural sugar, the same amount as 11/2 cups of soda. Cut half a melon into small cubes and nibble-in throughout the afternoon. And do not deprive yourself to drink the juice rests in the bottom of the container. Watermelon and honeydew provide roughly the same amount of calories.

Popcorn with hot air:
Corn, a whole grain, is rich in folate, vitamin B which is essential for cell growth. It is also a good source of fiber: one cup provides 1.3 g. Therefore, at 30 calories a cup, we can easily take a few cups. Resist the temptation to put butter. One tablespoon provides about 100 calories. Also, do not add too much salt; even if it is not caloric, it raises blood pressure.

Lean yogurt:
Yogurt is rich in calcium and vitamin B. It is also an excellent source of protein: a cup ¾ serving provides 9 g. If the yogurt is an almost perfect food, this is not the case of one that is flavored. The sugar is added it can raise the calorie count, as well as blood sugar levels. Sugar substitutes are less caloric, but be still vigilant: some artificial sweeteners pose risks to health.

When it is free of chemicals and preservatives, salsa could not be more health: no saturated fat, high in fiber and a good mix of vitamins and minerals. Salsas trade, meanwhile, are often very high in sodium. However, the real danger are the products with which it is consumed. For example, if you take it with tons of corn chips, then you ingest too much calories.

Leafy vegetables:
Kale, collards, Swiss chard and other dark green vegetables are nutritious and low-calorie. Experts believe that they are part of the healthiest foods available. They are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.


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