Vegetables help to lose weight quickly Losing weight and belly and hips

Young healthy woman with fruits.We will present vegetables that are especially suitable when you want a flat stomach and thin hips. Indeed, it is important to learn to control your diet and better manage your hunger if you try to burn fat and cellulite from your body to lose belly and hips otherwise your efforts will come to naught even if you use other techniques to lose weight as do sports.

Vegetables: foods low in calories
Vegetables are excellent foods that will help you satisfy your appetite and keep you feeling full longer. They allow you to limit or eliminate snacking, which is public enemy number one flat stomach. They have the advantage of being low in calories and high in fiber. Some enzymes contained in certain vegetables can also alter hunger hormones to prevent your body you always ask more food.

Vegetables: food appetite suppressant
Some studies based on the satiety index (SI), foods that contain lots of water, fiber and / or protein are considered to be those that best satisfied your hunger and thus at the same time are food must be resisted and when you want to lose weight especially in the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks that are part of the body or cellulite and fat settle more easily.

The vegetables that we will present below are the different features that help you in your quest for thinness.

The lawyer against the accumulation of fat and perfect place to have a flat stomach:
Avocado is one of the best vegetables / fruits that contains a high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) which can help prevent the accumulation of stomach fat level despite the fact that it has a calorie level slightly higher than other vegetables.

Lawyer: a fat burner diet
Avocados also contain L-carnitine stimulates our metabolism to burn more body fat. This amino acid is also known to increase energy production of muscle cells.
The lawyer is also responsible for magnesium and potassium. Potassium is an element known to help reduce fat located in the stomach and ribs and help you tone the muscles in your abdominal belt.

How to eat avocados to help you lose weight?
o Eat your raw lawyers
o Mix them in a salad
o With lemon juice net, lime or fresh orange
o Accompany your grilled garlic lawyer or other grilled vegetables
o The lawyer is an ideal ingredient for smoothies and fresh vegetable juice

Asparagus: an excellent vegetable to lose in the hips, the decomposed oxalic acid asparagine:
Asparagus contains several natural substances that help reduce the accumulation of fat in the waist. Among them is asparagine that has the characteristic of decomposing the oxalic acid which sticks to our fat cells.
As a lawyer, it is also rich in potassium which helps our muscles to remain firm and more toned. Potassium helps neutralize acids that cause muscle atrophy as we age.

Insulin consumes fat
Another chemical compound of the asparagus also consumes fat: inulin. Inulin is known to limit the accumulation of cellulite and its appetite suppressant.
Asparagus is rich in fiber and contains almost no sodium (salt). She on the other hand, very low calorie content. It is a good vegetable to focus when you want to lose at the hips and without feeling hungry. Asparagus is an excellent alternative for addicted to snacking.

How to eat your asparagus to help you lose weight?
o Boiled or roasted to bring out their sweet side – to roast with garlic, lemon or olive oil
o Steamed or bleached quickly – to mix in salads or just eaten with a pinch of salt

Bean sprouts: an appetite suppressant cheap and very nourishing to help you lose weight in the buttocks and lower abdomen, a high protein content:
Bean sprouts are known to be a true reservoir of nutrients because they are high in protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals (especially potassium). Due to their high content of protein and fiber, they avoid eating too much and facilitate the task of the person who wants to control the quantity of food.
Soy sprout macro background

A waterlogged vegetable vitamin B2
This vegetable also contains lots of vitamin B2 known to help burn fat by increasing your metabolism. Bean sprouts have the advantage of being easy to grow and are not expensive at all. They are therefore a handy food to support if you want to lose some weight in the lower abdomen or buttocks.

How to eat your bean sprouts to help you lose weight?
o Raw or in salads to keep their maximum slimming virtue
o Fried or steamed lightly to avoid losing nutrients
o Soup – set just before extinguishing the fire

Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, and cauliflower and cabbage to better regulate your hormones and better control your cellulite on the hips and thighs, Cruciferous vegetables: a cocktail of vitamins:
These vegetables are rich in vitamin C, sulfur, iodine, vitamin A, calcium and contain a large amount of fiber that make them powerful phytochemicals that burn fat.
Vitamin C has the advantage of fighting against the waste or surplus in our body and thus fighting the same time excess cellulite.

Facilitates regulating hormones
The IC3 also called indole-3-carbinol fight against harmful estrogenic compounds that create a hormonal imbalance and thus triggers increased fat in the body especially in the lower body.
Like asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage can satisfy your urge to snack and are excellent alternatives to fatty snacks and bad for health.

How to eat your broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage to help you lose weight?
o Baking
o Steamed white or slightly

Beans and lentils to transform the fat of your energy beads, the protein diet without being hungry:
Beans and lentils contain a high amount of protein and fiber that increase food absorption power of your stomach. It therefore has the effect you feel full longer. A bowl of beans give you enough protein and carbohydrates to help you take during the day and may even replace one of your meals.

Flavonoids improves fat burning
In addition, fiber-rich foods help reduce belly bloat. Another interesting phytonutrient present in beans are flavonoids. Flavonoids are powerful very present in the black beans nutrients that are known to increase thermogenesis (thus burning fat) and fat oxidation. Oxidation is a way to break up large fat molecules in the body to smaller molecules that can be used as energy.
To lose belly, beans and lentils are excellent vegetables to eat.

How to eat your beans and lentils to help you lose weight?
o Boiled
o salad
o soup
o filling with rice

The cold potatoes: unsuspected virtues to burn calories and strengthen your stomach:
Pourquoi les pommes de terre froides? Cela parait surprenant en effet. De premier abord, vous allez vous demander pourquoi considérer la pomme de cold ground as one of the vegetables to lose belly fat. The explanation lies in the resistant starch (RS) has recently gained popularity as new nutrient to include in a slimming diet.

Resistant starch: an excellent nutrient for weight loss
This form of starch is not digested in the intestine and therefore pass through the digestive system without being processed and can thus act as a dietary fiber. This insoluble fiber gives you the feeling of fullness while not being stored as fat in the abdomen. Once she reaches the large intestine, this fiber is converted into butyrate, sort of element that helps the body to burn stored fat.

Resistant starch (AR) is in most cereals and potatoes. However, to get the best effect of resistant starch, you have to eat cold. Studies have shown that when the starch is cooked and then cooled, there was a sharp increase in resistant starch.

How to eat your cold potatoes to help you lose weight?
The cold potato salad wants unavoidable. Add a little vinegar to taste and to your health face to diabetes.

The Tomato: an excellent fat burner for your hips and thighs
This juicy and succulent vegetable is a wealth of nutrients. Tomatoes are also low in calories and very rich in antioxidants.

Vitamin C reduced the accumulation of cellulite
The curves can accumulate when stressed. Indeed the stress to stimulate too strongly cortisol which is a carbohydrate regulating hormone, protein and fat. By eating fresh tomatoes regularly, vitamin C in tomatoes can help you lower your cortisol level thus preventing the accumulation of fat and cellulite on your hips.

Lycopene allows better blood flow
The carotenoids found in tomatoes including lycopene, a powerful nutrient that helps reduce fat levels in the blood for good circulation in the body and to better regulate the fat.
The nutrients and antioxidants in tomatoes can also help your body burn fat easily, prevent chronic diseases and inflammation and reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

How to eat your tomatoes to help you lose weight?
o Flood – preferably freshly picked
o Cooked or heated – can take vitamin C, but can also skyrocket the lycopene content to regulate the levels of fat in the blood.

The Pop Corn: an excellent snack to lose her belly while filling peckish Corn Popcorn: our fancy slimming food:

It’s not really a vegetable par excellence, it says it acts as such. It is very rich in fiber and you can eat as much as you want without having to worry about calories since it contains very little. Popcorn is a snack appetite suppressant of choice and you will not be hungry and you will avoid fatty foods swallow the cause of your cellulite at the stomach.

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