The exercises Monitoring Program To Lose Weight Easily

astuces-maigrir_miniLooking for a way to lose weight easily and permanently? I will show you the program I have followed and helped me lose 32 kilos.
Do you know that exercising while maintaining a good diet is a sure recipe to get in better shape? A weight loss diet is more effective when combined with exercise and vice versa.
Here is what I did to get these results and for those who want to follow this method, I put a link to the diet program that I followed a little lower.

Exercises to Make:

The first element of a good program to lose weight easily and efficiently is exercise. Trainings that gave me the best results and I like the most are those that are short and intense.

All I’ve done is a workout that lasts 10 – 20 minutes maximum 5-6 times a week. I did everything at home, no need of exercise equipment or join a gym.


It’s very difficult to get results in just following an exercise program and for that we must also try to improve its nutrition.
The nutritional recipe that worked for me:

6 small meals a day (every 3-4 hours)
The most natural products possible (not processed)
Vegetables with every meal
Eat only fruit sugars from
Minimal pain
quality protein at almost every meal (lean meat, fish)
only healthy fats like olive oil, eggs, nuts.
Lots of water, coffee and tea without sugar
I am far from perfect. It was hard for me to follow the rules, especially vegetables, they are not part of my favorite foods.

The truth is that if you follow this plan 70-80%, you will lose at least 1 kilo per week. My average was 1.5 kilos the first three weeks, and 1 kg in the following weeks.

My program

The program that I followed is called Venus Factor, this is where I learned all these techniques to lose weight. You can click here to visit the program website.

I came across this program there are about 9 months through a friend who recommended it to me.
There are so many people who ask me what diet I followed to lose all that weight. They do not understand that I’m not on a diet. There was a lifestyle change and forever.

Although I lost weight, I continue to eat healthy. I do not want to go back to square one.
People who exercise regularly and do not watch their diet have trouble losing weight.

That’s why you see people struggling in the gym and walkers in parks that still have the same weight even after several months of training.

Weight loss is a simple combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Most women find it easier to follow a diet that exercise simply because control of what you eat is easier than actually start taking the time to exercise.

Before addressing what are the best exercises to lose weight for women, it is important to highlight two important benefits of exercise.
Train at least 20 minutes a day helps the body absorb food with better regulation of metabolism. What most people do not know about exercise is that it frees up “wellness hormones” in the body that helps to naturally boost your mood and help you de-stress, reduce anxiety and generally feel good about yourself.

Here is a very intense and effective workout to lose weight at home / without equipment that you can do wherever you go.


Session Time: 20 minutes in real time
Number of exercises: 8
Number of circuits: 3
Setting the timer: 8 rounds of 10 seconds pause / 40 sec rework 3 times
List of exercises

Crunch on the balance ball (or floor)
1, 2, 3 jump
Bicycle or seated twists
4 jumping jacks + 1 sumo squat
Butt lift
Twists feet
mobile board
Kicks standing

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