Raw Makis Recipe

Raw Makis Recipe

It may be back to school, I must admit that I have much better time now than I had during the holidays; it’s insane! While a few days ago I was only dreaming of simmered dishes, gratins and very comforting soups, I started to feel like vintage, fresh … more season let’s say it! Especially since this recipe is perfectly suited to this time of year when, pressed on all sides by the thousand little things from back to school to settle (registration for yoga class, restocking of school supplies, mail from holidays to sort, …) we appreciate not having to spend hours in the kitchen. Because if I really like the classic version of maki, I must admit that the preparation of vinegar rice is a little bit tedious….

For 2 rolls:

300 g celery root (or 150 g celery and 150 g zucchini)
2 c. to s. rice vinegar
2 c. to c. sugar
1 carrot
1 small raw red beet
a few spinach leaves or salad
1/2 zucchini
2 nori leaves
Make the “celery rice”: Peel the celeriac and cut it into large pieces. Roughly chop it using a mixer. Do the same with the zucchini (without peeling them) and squeeze them to remove the moisture.

In a small bowl, dissolve the sugar in the rice vinegar. When there is no more grain of sugar, pour the mixture over the “rice” of vegetables, mix to thoroughly impregnate the whole and set aside. Prepare the garnish: Peel and cut the carrot into small sticks, as well as the red beet. Cut the zucchini also into sticks.

Wash and dry the spinach or salad leaves. Make the maki rolls: Place a nori sheet on a maki mat or, failing that, on a piece of cling film or a silicone sheet.

Spread vegetable rice over two-thirds of the surface of the nori leaf, leaving a strip of about 2 cm around the edge. Towards the middle of the leaf, place a few spinach leaves, then divide the vegetable sticks.

Roll up the nori sheet, tightening well to hold the filling. Once the roller is formed, roll it several times on itself by pressing a little to give it a regular shape.

Do the same with the second sheet of nori (you may not be using all of the filling).

Using a sharp knife, cut the rolls thus formed into slightly thick regular slices (about 8 maki per roll). Serve with a little soy sauce, wasabi and gari (marinated ginger).

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