Look where you’re growing and we’ll tell you how to fix it


Obesity is not an obvious problem. There are many underlying causes of obesity and many ways to treat it. Some methods work for some and not for others.

Now, researchers know why.

A recent study by the Journal of Public Health examined a group of 4000 obese adults and the researchers divided them into six distinct groups.

Young women in good health – these were obese women, but generally had very few obesity-related complications, such as type 2 diabetes.

Men who drink a lot – as above, but with higher alcohol consumption.
People in their 50s, sad and anxious – mostly women with poor mental health and poor living conditions.

Elderly, wealthy and healthy – generally positive health characteristics, but drinking a lot and suffering from hypertension

Elderly, physically sick but happy – seniors with more chronic diseases, such as osteoarthritis, but good mental health

People in poor health – the most economically disadvantaged and those with the most chronic diseases

This research is important because understanding the underlying causes of obesity can help a person fight it. This is a big step forward in the treatment of obesity, but further research will be needed.

Although the above images do not strictly relate to this study, it is essential to understand the area in which the overweight is located to remove it.

There are two types of body fat distribution: the android and the gynoid.
According to PositivMed:

“An” android “fat distribution model is called because more men than women have this profile.You may have already heard of an” apple “silhouette because the size is larger than hips.”

“Most often we see a” gynoid “distribution in women, many call this type of silhouette, a form of” pear. “In this model, the hips are larger than the waist.

Let us analyze the numbers for you:


1- Obesity of the upper body (Android)

This usually means that you eat too much and do not exercise enough. Try to reduce sweets and exercise 30 minutes a day. If that does not work, consult a health professional.

2- Obesity in the stomach (Android)

Excess weight in this area can be caused by stress, anxiety or depression. The best method of remedying this is largely based on exercise and relaxation techniques. Again, it is advisable to call a health professional or a therapist.

3- Obesity of the lower body (gynoid)

This is a widespread problem for many women. Exercises that incorporate lower body resistance training, combined with cardio exercises, are essential to eliminate this fat problem. This area can be difficult to treat. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

4- inflated belly (Android)

The fat in this area can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption and / or breathing difficulties. Try to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed and use breathing exercises. A good breath is an exercise of the whole torso.

5- Obesity of the lower body that goes to the bottom of the legs (gynoid)

This occurs most often in pregnant women. The legs can swell. Do aquatic aerobics to relieve leg and foot joints and sit up with your feet elevated.

6- Large protuberant belly with fat in the upper back (Android)

This type of obesity is similar to type 1 because it is caused by inactivity. Exercise is vital, but it is also important to maintain a stable blood sugar level. Take frequent meals but in small amounts.

Knowing how to solve a weight problem is the key to developing the best method to eliminate fat. However, hormonal and genetic aspects should be discounted or taken into account if weight loss programs do not work. A health professional can help you.

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