Daily exercise program to lose weight quickly

Programme-exercices-journaliere-pour-maigrir-rapidement4To lose weight quickly you should drink water regularly and do exercises in the music, which will give you more motivation. Perform the exercises according to your level. And remember to breathe and breathe well.

• Buttocks / thighs / legs :
1) Quadriceps modeled
– Position: Stand with your back and head straight, spread your feet hip-width apart and extend your arms, hands clasped.
– Exercise: doncement down until your legs form a right angle, pushing the buttocks backwards, then up by pushing on the legs.
– 5 series 10.

2) Adductors
– Position: Lie on the floor, legs raised and hands under the buttocks.
– Exercise: It is to open and close the legs. Attention to keep the legs upright and inspire at the opening.
– 2/3/4 series 15/20

3) Legs / Buttocks
– Position: One foot forward, the leg should be flexed knee and above the foot. The other leg is placed on the rear bearing on the tip of the foot.
– Exercise: It consists of up / down (flexion / extension) with the back leg. Warning to the front leg, the knee should remain above the foot. Inhale when bending.
– 2/3/4 series of 15/20.
4) Buttocks
– Position: elongated feet apart (pelvis width and heels 30/40 cm buttocks), arms, head and shoulders to the ground.
– Exercise: Raise the buttocks by contracting to make high down movements without rest the buttocks on the ground during the year. Expire when the buttocks rise. Do not dig back off when the buttocks.
– 2/3 25/30 series.

• Ventre et Hanches :
1) abs
– Position: Lie on your back, hands behind head, lower back pressed against the mat / towel, feet and legs off the ground.
– Exercise: Lift chest up and forward then return to the original position without resting shoulders to the ground. Be careful not to dig back. Exhale during the survey.
– 3/4 20/25 series.
2) Hips and Glutes
– Position: Lie on your left side, legs straight in the extension of the body, head resting on his left hand.
– Exercise: Climb right leg in extension of the bust up to 45 ° and without turning your thigh to the hip (inner edge of the foot parallel to the floor). Then lower gently leg parallel to the floor without touching the other.
– 3/4 series 10/15

3) Belly / Abs
– Position: Lie on your back, arms crossed over the chest.
– Exercise: Take off your bust to touch your knees, then slowly back down by slowing your descent and keeping the Crusaders Brois.
– 3/4 series 10/15

Conclusion :
This program has performed every two days (or every day for those who feel able), and a jog at least 30 minutes (2 times per week), along with a balanced diet (and not snack between meals), can make you lose a few kilos.

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