Tips to strengthen your immune system

Tips to strengthen your immune system

Fall and winter are seasons when virus circulation is high. To strengthen your immune system and avoid getting sick, follow the advice of our experts.

Colds, coughs, flu … To get through fall or winter illnesses and avoid a red nose, watery eyes or sore throat, you need to know how to protect yourself and take care of yourself. Natural remedies help you stay in shape and relieve symptoms.

Bet on probiotics:

“You can optimize your immune defenses, it has been scientifically proven,” says Dr. Eric Lorrain, phytotherapist.

However, 70% of our immune system is in the gut.

Hence the idea of ​​taking a course of probiotics (lactobacilli) to strengthen the intestinal mucosa, before the circulation of viruses intensifies, especially if you are elderly or weakened by a lot of stress, old bronchitis or a chronic disease like diabetes.

A study has shown that taking a mixture of lactobacilli every day for 12 weeks reduces the risk of getting a cold. They are found in yogurts, at a rate of 1 to 2 per day, or in food supplements.

Drink a glass of fresh orange juice:

“, But also thiamine, an amino acid, folates, group B vitamins, potassium and sugars that give energy to start the day,” said Dr. Philippe Goeb, consultant in natural therapy.

It is best to squeeze a few oranges; you can keep your orange juice for two or three days in the refrigerator, vitamin losses are low.

Rest with magnesium:

Some studies indicate that magnesium chloride stimulates white blood cells. But it is mainly for its anti-fatigue action that Dr. Philippe Goeb advises him.

It favors foods that contain it:

sardines in oil,
dark chocolate with 70% cocoa,
the almonds,
spices (seeds of cumin, coriander, curry, ground ginger…),
wholegrain breads and rice,

Get enough sleep:

A sleepless night is enough to weaken the immune system because it reduces the number of a certain family of white blood cells.

Even if the sleep time remains a specific data for everyone, doctors still recommend sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours.

Take breaks to de-stress:

Yoga, gardening, reading, cinema, outings or meals with friends … The nature of the activity does not matter. What matters is to relax because stress, fatigue and overwork weaken the immune system.

Practice regular physical activity:

Moderate exercise, that is, 30 to 60 minutes of walking a day, most days of the week, is beneficial and immunostimulating. It reduces the risk of respiratory infections by about 40%.

However, do not overdo it, intense and prolonged exercise can weaken the immune system, facilitating the entry and multiplication of viruses in the body (American College of Sports Physicians).

Fill up on vitamin D:

It activates white blood cells (T lymphocytes) necessary to make antibodies and destroy microbes. In the food, one finds especially in fatty fish:

cod liver and its oil,
smoked herring,

Dr. Lorrain advises menopausal women and the elderly, the vast majority of whom lack vitamin D, to take a larger dose, three to four times the recommended daily dose (1,000 units), in the form of drugs or supplements food. Two forms are the most common, D2, of vegetable origin, and D3, of animal origin. No need to prefer one over the other, there are few differences in effectiveness according to current work.

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