The most important tips to fight against belly fat

conseils-pour-lutter-contre-graisse-du-ventreDiet low fat amount :

Failure of revenue of the regime insufficiently sporting year is the main reason for the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, and can not get rid of the accumulated fat in the region diet and sports are complementary.

So make sure your diet contains a lot of fiber, such as apples, strawberries and plums and dried peaches that for fruit and vegetables should include cauliflower and broccoli and carrots, beans, and at the same time, the protein content is accessible from a little meat with a focus on eating a few pieces of fat, such as chicken and lean beef issue.


Focus in your diet contain complex carbohydrates like brown rice and whole wheat, pulses with a limit fried foods and fast food and red meat.

Drink water:

Regarding drinking water, which can lose abdominal fat, drinking water reduces the rate of accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, contrary to the vital role played by the water itself is to strengthen the work of the liver, which helps to burn fat naturally, which must always keep your body hydrated to lose belly fat fast. For more diversity, not bored, natural Drink unsweetened fruit juice.


A walk:

Exercise cardio exercises that focus primarily on the heart and blood vessels, essential that you should consider to burn calories is desired.regime-naturel-maigrir-des-fesses2

Does not require the exercise of walking long distances, just enough to go to the market without the independence of the car, in addition to walking a little time to help lose belly fat, it also stimulates circulation and makes your body full of energy until the end of the day.

The sport:

Do not need to go daily to the stubborn gyms to lose abdominal fat, you can practice a few achievable exercises at home, but participation in the practice of the things you should not tolerate.


For example, strive daily to exercise abdominal exercises known, even if only 15 minutes, but if you want to continue achieving in getting rid of belly fat, participating in swimming lessons for only one day a week, and really experience the difference. You can also subscribe to aerobics, dance to the rhythm of movements motivate you to move and burn fat.


L’omission de certainsrepas:

Do not need to hear from some of the omission of one of the main meals, to get rid of belly fat, the board is quite accurate!
Failure to eat three meals of your food naturally works to disrupt metabolism, and thus affect the burning of body fat, so resolve to eat basic meals, taking into account that the last meal at seven evening, and if not you should arrêterpour food before ten o’clock at the latest.


Try as much as possible to reduce the numbers tablespoons sugar various drinks.The tablespoons sugar is the first fitness enemy, so try as much as possible dependency on fresh juice, no sugar, with gradual dose reduction sugar consumption whenever possible.

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