Lose belly with a fabulous natural recipe

2075_Comment-mincir-avec-la-corde-à-sauter-459When we try to lose weight and regain a beautiful silhouette, size is often one of the areas of our body that we have the most trouble to melt.
This is the part where most fats accumulate, and where other conditions, such as abdominal inflammation or fluid retention may occur.
Fighting fat accumulated at the waist and remove excess weight is not an easy task, but it does not mean impossible.
By following a good diet plan, doing physical activity and enjoying some special recipes, you can fight fat that bothers you so much, to find the hourglass figure you deserve.

Advice to lose a few centimeters waistline
• The first thing to do to lose the fat accumulated in the belly level is to avoid eating fat, and only focus on the elimination of fats that are already present.
If you can not reduce your fat intake, you will not be able to get good results.
• If you like the type of food “fast food”, and that you take regularly, you will accumulate fat, but you will also do much harm to your body, and you will increase your chances of developing long-term, serious diseases. Completely remove “junk food” from your diet.
• Consume low-fat proteins, such as those found in lean meats, in soy or beans.
• Avoid consuming excess dairy products, soft drinks and refined foods.
• If you suffer from food allergies, you need to be aware of foods that make you evil, and avoid using them wherever possible. Food intolerances cause abdominal inflammation, which has the effect of increasing your waistline.
• Increase your daily intake of water, instead of soft drinks and sodas. Water is the best way to keep you well hydrated, and increasing the elimination by the body, toxins it contains. With a little determination, it is very easy to adopt this good habit.
• Focus on the exercises located on your waistline. A good routine can consist of abs, legs of sunrises and circular movements of the waist. It is also important to increase the time of cardiovascular exercise that you perform every day, because it is a key to burning fat.
• Avoid stressful situations, because it increases the production of cortisol hormone, which is directly related to sudden food cravings with obesity and weight gain, especially in the abdominal area.
• Improve your posture to get good results both on your waistline than your belly.
Perform this exercise: position yourself in the mirror, and adopt proper posture.
You see how your stomach is reduced and as your waist stretches? Posture is one of the key elements to shape the size and have a better silhouette.

A remedy to burn fat and lose waist
This powerful solution will be of great help to your diet and exercise routine. You will reach your goal more easily, because you will lose the fat accumulated in your waistline.
It consists of three ingredients: fresh spicy radish, lemon zest and honey.
The properties of these ingredients will help you fight fat, strengthen your metabolism, promoting the elimination of toxic substances from the body, stimulate the disposal of liquid retained in your body and improve your brain function, memory your hearing and your sight.

• 125 g spicy radish
• 3 lemons, with their skin
• 3 tablespoons honey
How to proceed ?
Before combining these ingredients, it is important to wash the radishes and lemons, that they are clean. This is an important step because you will use their skin.
To guarantee the elimination of all harmful microorganisms, dive lemons and radishes in a container made of a water volume to a volume of white vinegar.
When you have disinfected the ingredients, mix 125 grams of spicy radish. Then, cut into several districts lemons, keeping their skin, and mix them with radishes.
Finally add three spoonfuls of honey, and go all one last time in a blender, until the mixture is well bound.
It is recommended to consume a spoonful of this drink, twice a day with meals.
You can keep this remedy in a glass jar in the refrigerator.
If you follow a healthy diet and a good exercise routine, you will see the first results within three weeks.

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