How to weight loss the buttocks quickly?

regime-naturel-maigrir-des-fessesLosing weight in a targeted area such as the buttocks, also for thighs, hips, stomach and arms.

To lose weight the buttocks, you should expect, however, to change certain habits and take others.

To lose weight the buttocks, even if there is no specific plan, but it will change your eating habits. Weight gain is often due to poor diet.

By eating balanced food necessary, you will lose a few kilos buttocks but also throughout the rest of the body.

So you’ll have to banish certain foods including :

• The sweets

• The pastries, cakes, crackers

• Soft drinks and alcohol

• Industrial dishes

• The deli

You will need to eat healthy and varied eating:

• From the white meat preferably

• Vegetables and fruits

• Fish and eggs

• Whole wheat bread

• Fibers

Changing your diet is the first step when we want to lose weight buttocks. But do not expect either all, you still have work to do.

Adapted sport helps you lose weight the buttocks:

More special diet to lose weight the buttocks, as there are many sports that are effective for losing your kilos:

Running: is effective to melt localized fat on your butt and tone.


Swimming It does work the body but if you swim with fins, you will still target the most muscles of the buttocks.

aqua is the quintessential sport to lose weight buttocks without effort. Thanks to the draining effect of the water, you will lose your curvaceous buttocks and at the same time if you have cellulite, water aerobics is very effective to deal with them.
step exercises: These are the most adapted to muscle and tone buttocks. A practicing at home or in the club.


Bike elliptical meets alone the benefits of running, the exercise bike, rower and stepper. You will tone your buttocks gently and without forcing.

Meilleur sport pour maigrir

Slots is a well known practice of all those who want to lose weight buttocks. It is very simple to implement but very effective. We must stand with feet together, make a big step forward by stretching the leg. Lower the other until the knee touches the ground. Reassemble the leg gently and do the same thing with the other and so on.
If you practice at least one of these sports for 30 minutes, two to three times a day, you have all the cards in hand to slim buttocks!

Putting all your concentration and a chance to slim buttocks:

To lose weight the buttocks, one must put the odds on his side. Eat healthy and make sport is the biggest part of the work but you can use a few allies, tips and tricks:

● Forget the lift! Climb the stairs on foot in a steady pace is a separate exercise that is very effective for weight loss buttocks. Quick tip: go up the steps with both feet flat.

● When you walk, made great strides in pushing the legs by contracting the buttocks. If you often stand beings during the day, even still, make a habit of getting your butt as often as possible.

● Massage the buttocks with slimming creams. Accompanied by a healthy diet and a sports activity, they can be effective in losing a few centimeters in the buttocks.

Contrary to what many people think, slim buttocks is quite possible if one gives the means, if one is motivated and rigorous.

Slimming glutes:

Of course, the lifestyle is important if you want to slim down the buttocks: drinking alcohol moderately or occasionally, preferred a diet based on the glycemic index of foods you eat, or forget the lift and static position in the escalators …

But above all you can, practice exercises for glutes which will allow you to keep a nicely curved backside.

Also, nothing is easier to find the tone of these muscles, which are the largest in the human body. Why not enjoy your time “lost” to make them work? For example, when you brush your teeth, what do you do with your legs? And before entering the shower, why not take a few minutes to continue the work that will allow you to lose weight the buttocks?

Your exercises for glutes:


Stand facing your mirror, you begin to brush your teeth. Place one foot at right angles behind one who supports you and make 20 small beats. At the end of your series, hold the outstretched leg and gluteal muscle contracted for 7 seconds. This is what will you gluteal muscles, it will help you lose weight quickly glutes. Now Work the other leg in the same way.

Feel free to repeat this exercise every time you will wash your teeth.

A rate of two to three sets per day, your muscles will already be well maintained.


Before going to bed, or better yet, before your bath, lie down on the side of the bath mat. Leaning on one elbow and leg bent to the ground to be well balanced, made 15 small circles in the direction of clockwise, then in the other. Attention ban arch your back!

Still on the ground, sitting on the floor with knees bent, get your butt to the ground while standing in line with his shoulders: it is the position of the inverted table. 5 seconds Hold the position and made a series of 10. You feel that this is beginning to work well. But do not stop there way.

You can now make small circles with the opposite leg.
If you do these exercises three days in the week, you will see the difference after three weeks.


When I was a teenager, I was in the gym buttocks with a video of supermodel Cindy Crawford. She and her coach Radu, the ultimate exercise to maintain muscle tone and slim buttocks, is to lie on the ground, legs bent, and raise the pond with a very small amplitude, 50 times in a row. It’s fast, since the movement is tenuous, but very effective. I recommend alternating with exercise number 2, so as not to get bored

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