7 Drinks to get a tight belly, do not believe their effectiveness

regime-naturel-7-boisson-ventre-plat-et-serreMany people suffer from the tuck and the inability to continue the grueling sporting exercises.
Let’s first do not remove the need to practice sport to get a tight stomach, but these drinks will help you save time with that they belong to a range of refreshing drinks and delicious helpful.

Here is the list of drinks to get a flat stomach

1.Melon Juice:

Melon natural juices without sugar or additives can be a wonderful refreshing drink without a lot of calories, particularly melon is one of the most common types of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of moisturizing factors.

Furthermore melon contains many anti-cancer nutrients and a variety of useful amino acids to build muscle.


2.flavored water:

Drink enough water during the day something essential that your thoughts after sports exercises. But instead of the boredom of plain water, you can add a refreshing touches such as lemon slices or mint leaves for a refreshing flavored water.


3.Mint iced tea:

The mint tea is one among soft drinks in the days of étéchaudes, but it is also useful for burning fat around the abdominal muscles.

Mint tea helps improve the body fight against fat during the digestion process also reduces the swelling of the stomach.

When you drink the iced mint tea in the evening gives the body rest and relaxation necessary for sleep, especially if no sugar.

regime-naturel-7-boisson-ventre-plat-et-serre-the-a-la-menthe-4.Thé vert:

It is hard to remember this list without green tea, it does not reduce the incidence of cancer and heart disease only, but there are many studies that show that it contains large amounts of antioxidants that help burn fat around the abdominal area.

If you take a cup of green tea before each time you exercise sport will help you burn a lot of antioxidants on fat.

green tea with jasmine in cup and teapot5.Fouettée de l’ananas:

Add a little cold water whipped pineapple and drink it and you feel like you are on summer vacation on the beautiful beaches of the world.

Whipped pineapple helps burn fat inside the body, and if you continue to drink regularly you will notice a big difference, especially if ajoutesur mixing flax seeds, which contain a good amount of healthy fats and help your body burn fat. Pineapple also contains bromélaïneet enzyme which allows the fragmentation of protein digestion and improve the process of digestion.

regime-naturel-7-boisson-ventre-plat-et-serre-jus-ananas6.Fouettée au chocolat:

Whipped Chocolate helps you lose weight, especially dark chocolate, because it reduces your appetite and reduce your desire to eat snacks and treats.

Whipped unsweetened dark chocolate does not contain many calories, it is an ideal choice as an alternative to a full meal if I’ve ever had, instead of them, especially when breakfast.

regime-naturel-7-boisson-ventre-plat-et-serre-chocolat7.Groupe de recettes qui ont un effet magique pour bruler la graisse fondue et serrer les muscles abdominaux:

  1. Banana and flaxseed:
  • Orange
  • bananas
  • Two tablespoons of skim milk
  • Two tablespoons of flaxseed Soup


  1. Bananas and Tropical Fruits:
  • bananas
  • cranberries
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • A teaspoon of powdered ginger
  • One-half cup of warm water
  1. Banana and spinach:
  • bananas
  • 200 g spinach
  • One-half cup of skim yogurt
  • One-third cup of breakfast cereal
  • A teaspoon of honey

Everything can be prepared in the same manner by placing the ingredients in a blender and mix so that it becomes a liquid such as juice and then you can drink like delicious refreshing drinks that help you get a tight, flat belly.

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