10 tips to lose weight faster

regime-naturel-astuces-pour-maigrir4You decided to take a little diet but whatever your method, you want to lose weight but only if it goes fast. Adopt our tips to lose weight more.
Drink plenty and often water, green tea, herbal teas and light soft drinks.

Forget transport
If you live in the countryside is a kilometer separates you from the bakery, consider biking or walking. If you live in town, get one or two stations before your stop or must: the Vélib for cities that are equipped.

If … Small hungry in the afternoon, enjoy.

Le goûter est un vrai mini-repas, contrairement au grignotage surtout lorsqu’il est pris régulièrement et motivé par une faim physiologique. Sachez que le goûter vous permet de mieux répartir les apports caloriques dans la journée, de mieux résister aux grignotages et de dîner plus léger. La seule condition : le goûter doit être équilibré, par exemple composé d’un produit céréalier, d’un produit laitier, d’un fruit et d’une boisson.
Afternoon tea is a real mini-meal, unlike snacking especially when taken regularly and motivated by a physiological hunger. Know that the taste allows you to better distribute the calorie intake throughout the day, to better resist snacking and lighter dinner. The only condition: the sample must be balanced, for example consisting of a cereal product, a dairy product, fruit and a drink.

Tip traditional but proven, prefer stairs to elevators.

Change your eating habits
You must learn to balance your day. For example, keep a food diary. Spend time preparing meals. And think that diet does not mean frustration. You can eat what you like … just not anyhow and anytime.

Get organized
Day by day, get used to getting up early to prepare a packed lunch or have time to do a little ab workout. Make a list when you go shopping to avoid buying unnecessary things that are usually bigger.

Heal your mind
To succeed on a diet, it should absolutely not mope. If you are fishing, you do not will fall on chocolate and other temptations. Get good massage, reading, walking everything is permitted.

Accept failure
You will not do well every day. There are good days and bad days. You should certainly not give up tomorrow and you will do better.
Exercise at any time
Contract the abs to the office and in transport. Put yourself on tiptoe when you do the dishes for example that you draw calves. Make a real workout (45 min minimum) 1 or 2 times a week.

Enjoy yourself in your clothes
What a pleasure to feel more and more comfortable in his jeans or even to come home again! Two or three times a week, get a fitting session and find that your efforts are paying.

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